Tomorrow is the big day. After months of campaigning, Pennsylvania Democrats finally hit the polls on Tuesday. You know what I read this morning - outside of the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh city limits, a full 11% of likely voters is still undecided! Because, let's face it, sometimes four months of non-stop coverage just isn't enough. And these are the likely voters! So. as we are about nothing if not public service, let's take a minute to help out some of these folks make up their minds. First: If you loved Bill Clinton, then vote for his natural successor? Barack Obama. The SECOND black president. Fourth, if you want health care for everyone, vote for Senator Clinton. If you think universal coverage is unrealistic and are hoping for a less ambitious but still improved plan?. you're gonna want to stick with Hillary Clinton. Cuz there's no way she's getting that universal thing passed anyway. If you're undecided because you haven't been paying a lot of attention to the whole election process, then we'd go with Chris Dodd. Good guy, a lot of interesting ideas, I think he's got a real shot. Here's what we wanna know - what are the undecideds waiting for? An angel to descend from the heavens, gather the world around, and tell us without doubt who the finest President would be? Well we got news for you - that already happened. Pat Buchanan's on MSNBC everyday, and I'm pretty sure he's voting for McCain. Good luck tomorrow Pennsylvania, we'll be watching.

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