Australia's economy has never been in better shape. There are problems though that could threaten this prosperity: Australia isn't producing enough skilled workers and the country is relying on migrant workers while trying to train up younger generations. Australians are thinking more about retaining older workers. This man who promotes the rights of older workers say attitudes of managers need to change. This man who worked as an engineer into 71 says employees should not be cast aside when they become older. University researchers says Australian companies must change their promotion systems if they want to hold onto mature staff, and this analyst says bosses must start thinking differently. All this more mature workforce wants is a less regimented workplace. This official believes companies are starting to get the message. The official retirement age is 60 for Australian women, 65 for men, but many people appear willing to stay on. By the end of the decade it's estimated there will be over 3 million over-fifties in the Australian workforce, or about a third of the working population.

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