McCain report

McCain used his speech to present himself as a smart but reluctant warrior. McCain returned to the theme in discussing his position on Iraq: he says he does not argue against withdrawal, but he says he holds his position because he hates war. He brought up the importance of America's allies throughout the speech and therefore distanced himself from the unpopular President Bush and he also managed to hit the same note as Democrats, that American power depends on partners overseas. McCain said he believes the nation should close Guantanamo and that he US can't torture or treat detainees and suspects inhumanely. McCain also brought up the issue of global warming in a way that few Republicans ever do. McCain is starting to tell his own story to voters as the presumptive Republican nominee and foreign policy is central theme of that story. But Democrats say about McCain that his foreign policy is too similar to Bush's. some analysts even say his foreign policy is that of a neo-con and is ultra-hawkish. That analyst says McCain is trying to hide his record through his words.