(So how do the results of this election affect US foreign policy towards Pakistan?) Basic policy will remain the same which is to get the Pakistani government and military to do what America wants, crack down on Taliban support, etc. the question is, will the US be willing to cut the Pakistani government more slack if it's run by a civilian government? The second question is how long will this government last? (Can you tell us why you feel this government will fall?) These two parties in the new coalition despise each other, neither will be willing to play second fiddle. So they will fall out with each other. (Those two political parties, will they continue to support the US's war on terror?) The PPP is much more pro-American, whereas Nawaz Sharif are quite close to some of the more moderate Islamist groups. (The PPP has indicated they could negotiate with the Islamists. Is that something the US would embrace?) No the US is worried about that. Every government in Pakistan has negotiated with the Islamists because they are very powerful in certain areas. (How critical would a consolidation of Pakistani and US relations be during President Bush's lame duck period?) It's very important that the next administration a friendly and stable relationship with Pakistan.

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