Business, Economics and Jobs

Lawrence Lessig

Stanford law professor and web icon Lawrence Lessig talks to Faith about why he's decided to set aside his fight to ease online copyright restrictions to tackle corruption and the influence of money in politics.

Global Politics

The future of US-Russian relations

Both the United States and Russia are in the midst of presidential election campaigns, and The World's Jason Margolis looks at what a change of leadership in both countries could mean for US-Russian relations.

Global Politics

Kenya watches US election

The crisis in Kenya has drawn international attention to its presidential power struggle. But it's the US presidential bid...and favored candidate Barack Obama...that's getting the attention of many Kenyans. The World's Sheri Fink reports.

Global Politics

Presidential debate

Faith and news analyst Brian Donovan take a look at the recent Democratic presidential debate in Ohio between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Arts, Culture & Media

Campaign theme songs

Faith and Fair Game news analyst Matt Pack take a look at John McCain's recent struggle to find the ideal theme song for his presidential campaign.

Global Politics

New York Philharmonic in North Korea

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the BBC's John Sudworth, who witnessed today's historic performance by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in Pyongyang, North Korea; Lisa also speaks with British soprano Suzannah Clark