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China moves to tighten grip on Hong Kong in NPC

Top of The World: In a move to tighten Beijing’s grip over Hong Kong, China's the top lawmaking body unveiled a plan specifying only "patriots" can govern Hong Kong. And, the US Supreme Court has dismissed several cases related to “sanctuary cities.” Also, the Biden administration is moving to speed up asylum cases by transitioning some detention centers in Texas to processing facilities.

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Pope Francis’ trip to Iraq comes amid the pandemic and increasing violence

Top of The World: Pope Francis is set to visit Iraq starting Friday despite criticism of traveling amid rising COVID-19 infections and security concerns. And, Wednesday marked the “the bloodiest day” in Myanmar with a brutal crackdown on protests. Also, a new study found that the risk of death from COVID-19 is about 10 times higher in countries where more than half of the population is overweight.

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ISIS claims killing of 3 women media workers in Afghanistan

Top of The World: Three women who worked for a local radio and TV station in eastern Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province were gunned down Tuesday. And, Myanmar’s deadly crackdown on demonstrators protesting a military coup continued Wednesday. Also, French President Emmanuel Macron acknowledged on Wednesday prominent Algerian nationalist Ali Boumendjel was murdered and tortured


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