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Julia Lowrie Henderson

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Julia has spent the last several years crisscrossing the country - from Brooklyn to Oakland to Portland (Maine) and back to Brooklyn. She joined Studio 360 in 2013 after graduating from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.

She has produced stories about viruses, Mike Kelley's Mobile Homestead, black-and-white movies, and giant sandworms. Her work has been featured on MPBN, New Hampshire Public Radio, and Public Radio Remix. She once shipped herself 40 lbs. worth of family Polaroid pictures and spent a year scanning and chronicling their tales. She enjoys a good joke and a nice, long drive across the country.

Recent Stories

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Viruses at the Movies

Radiation used to be Hollywood’s go-to plot device. Now, viruses explain everything from vampires to the zombie apocalypse — but that’s not what really scares public health experts.