Technician Alexis Portalatin stands next to rooftop solar panels he is connecting to a new Tesla battery storage system the San Juan suburb of Guaynabo. The storage system will allow the panels to operate separately from the power grid and supply electric
Hurricanes Irma and Maria brought a catastrophic power outage to Puerto Rico. But they also created an unprecedented opportunity for solar power and battery storage on the island.
People watch festive decorations depicting the Moscow Kremlin for the New Year and Christmas season at Kievsky Railway Station in Moscow, Russia December 28, 2017.
The northeastern United States has been engulfed in snow and cold. Moscow? Not so much. And that's been a big drag for winter photographer Ivan Boiko.
A man in a vest stands next to a wall of baled paper products, about 12 feet tall and several hundred feet long.
Much of the world's recycling gets shipped to China for processing. But starting Jan. 1, China is enacting much tougher standards for the purity of recycling imports, standards most American, and European, recyclers simply can't meet. And that has recycling piling up throughout the United States.
Jeff Strum removes snow off of his car
Frigid temperatures across North America don’t mean that the globe isn’t warming.
Calestous Juma poses at a table in a portrait photo. Behind him, shelves are lined with books. He has a blue tie and glasses.
The Kenya-born Harvard scholar Calestous Juma saw innovations and opportunities bubbling up in African economies where others saw only poverty and despair.
The Abuzz project hopes to help curb mosquito-borne illnesses by using cell phones to track mosquito outbreaks around the world.
A new project hopes to use a technology in just about everyone's pocket to help track mosquitoes that can cause some of the deadliest diseases in the world.
A portrait of 10-year-old Levi Draheim with brown-blonde curly hair.
Sea level rise projections suggest Levi Draheim’s home on Florida’s east coast will be sitting in water in 30-40 years. A hurricane last year already flooded him out of his school. So, he’s suing the federal government to try to force it to take stronger action to fight climate change.
A close-up of a giant land tortoise in the Santa Cruz highlands of the Galápagos Islands.
High School students from Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands are learning about climate change and working to protect their islands’ tortoises and other unique wildlife from its effects.
Women walk past a mural in the Little Haiti neighborhood in Miami, May 17, 2017.
As water levels rise, residents of Miami's Little Haiti fear rising rents. Will people fleeing the beach push them out?
Elvira Mauricia Diaz standing center with her family against a stone wall backdrop.
When the weather changed and kids became malnourished, one Guatemalan indigenous community made big changes. And they seem to be working.