It's still not the norm at restaurants in Paris to ask for a doggy bag. But the French government wants to change that.
In France, a restaurant meal is considered something to be experienced under the watchful eye of the chef. So there's no tradition of taking home leftovers. But the French government would like to change that to reduce food waste.
Pompeo at Senate confirmation hearing
The CIA Director's views on climate change would be more in line with President Trump’s than those of his predecessor.
Couple sitting on a couch
The Canes were able to move back to their home after a stint in Australia because no one would buy it.
Eroded cliffs in Happisburgh
The government says it can’t protect every home from the sea. One family says they’ll hold tight to their memories when it’s time to leave their house.
Cape Town residents gather to collect water at a spring with makshift spigots ear Table Mountain. It's one of dozens of open springs across the city where residents come to collect extra water to add to their meager daily quota of 13 gallons.
A natural spring in the shadow of Cape Town's Table Mountain provides a measure of relief — and a new pop-up community — for drought-strapped residents.
Saya Pierce-Jones records a recent report on Cape Town's water crisis for Smile 90.4FM radio. In more than a year on the full-time water beat, Pierce-Jones helped listeners understand the roots of the crisis and find ways to dramatically cut their water u
When Cape Town's growing water crisis started bubbling up last year, a local radio station in the South African city jumped on the beat with wall-to-wall coverage and water-saving tips for listeners.
“Cloudfisher” nets erected on Mount Boutmezguida
Women and girls in a cluster of small Moroccan villages used to have to walk up to three hours a day to fetch water. Now, the villages get all the water they need from a new system of fog nets in the nearby mountains, and that means a lot more time available for work and school.
People queued to collect water as fears over the city's water crisis grew earlier this year in Cape Town, South Africa.
The water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa is easing a bit, but the city and many of its businesses and institutions are forging ahead with expensive efforts to increase supply, including private desalination plants.
You won't find a lot of wild salmon on menus or in your supermarket anymore, but the Namgis First Nation's group in British Columbia hopes you'll find their tank-farmed Kuterra salmon the next best thing.
A First Nations group in British Columbia is trying to counter the environmental and economic impact of sea-based salmon farming by starting a new kind of salmon farm — on land. But the enterprise is fraught with challenges.
Andrea Carolina and Desikan Sundararajan with Statoil, along with Dirk Richter, founder of Quanta3 (left to right), install a pilot methane detector at a Statoil well pad at the Eagle Ford Shale natural gas site in Texas.
Leaks of methane from gas and oil wells are a major source of climate pollution but it's tough to detect the odorless and colorless gas. Now, a new competition is spurring inventors to come up with cheaper and more effective methane detectors. The World's Jason Margolis profiles two of the inventors.