Pandas in pollution
Beijing is experiencing its worst air pollution yet as heavy smog chokes the capital city for the fifth day. Schools are closed and residents are being told to stay indoors. All of this while President Xi Jinping is in Paris for the UN Global Conference on Climate Change.
California Gov. Jerry Brown speaks before signing an agreement with 11 other international states and provinces to limit the increase in global average temperature to below two degrees, in Sacramento, California May, 2015.
Countries gathered at this week's global climate conference in Paris are trying to find ways to grow their economies while cutting greenhouse gas pollution. But there's one huge economy that's already doing it: California.
A butterscotch mountain surges skywards in Iceland.
Iceland is — geologically speaking — a crazy place. The local language, for instance, includes a specific word to describe the phenomenon for a volcano detonating beneath a glacier and triggering a flash flood. And now climate change may be setting a new geological domino effect in motion, by melting some of those glaciers and increasing the chances of an eruption.
John Holdren, President Obama's chief science advisor, says he's optimistic about the world's nations striking a strong climate deal next month in Paris, in part because both the motivation and the means to fight the climate crisis are "growing all the ti
The US and the rest of the world failed to forge an ambitious plan to tackle the climate crisis six years ago in Copenhagen. Since then the crisis has only gotten worse, but going into the next global climate summit in Paris, President Obama's top science adviser John Holdren is hopeful that world leaders are finally ready to step up to the challenge of avoiding catastrophic climate change.
Celebrating Diwali
Happy Diwali! Indians clean out their homes to celebrate the holiday. But Diwali marks a day that is much higher in pollution than most others in India.
Opponents of the Keystone XL oil pipeline planned to run from the Alberta tas sands to refineries in the US finally got their wish on Friday when president Obama pulled the plug on the project.
On Thursday, word came that ExxonMobil is being investigated for possibly misleading shareholders on the risks climate change poses to its business. On Friday, President Obama killed the Keystone XL oil pipeline to the US from Canada, citing the threat of climate change from burning fossil fuels. The oil business has seen worse weeks, but perhaps not many.
Ocean waves hit perilously close to a house in Majuro. Marshall Islands.
The Marshall Islands are imperiled by climate change. And it's not some theoretical future problem. It's a now problem.
Climate conditions in much of the Persion Gulf/Arabian Peninsula area will often push past the limits of human adaptability by the end of this century under current greenhouse gas pollution trends, according to a new report in Nature Climate Change. These
It's always been hot in the Persian Gulf region. But a new report finds that without action to limit climate change, the combination of rising temperatures and humidity will often push much of the region beyond the limits of human adaptability.
Ninety five percent of urban Tanzanians use charcoal for cooking fuel, and the trade supports more than a million jobs. But charcoal production is taking a massive toll on the country's forests. After a failed attempt to ban the trade the country is now t
The illegal charcoal trade is a big contributor to deforestation in countries like Tanzania. After trying and failing once to curb the business, the country is now trying a new approach. The World's Sam Eaton has the story.
Toxic foam is a reality of life during the rainy season in parts of Bangalore, in eastern India. The foam froths up when rains churn up lakes laced with millions of gallons of residential and industrial pollutants, including phosphate laundry detergents b
When the rains come to Bangalore, India, residents have to navigate a bizarre urban hazard — a lake that froths up and fills the city with a toxic and sometimes flammable foam.