Dead sperm whales are seen on a beach off the coast of the Netherlands, January 13, 2016.
The exact cause of more than a dozen strandings of sperm whales in recent days in the North Sea region is eluding scientists.
Norwegian company Statoil plans to build the first floating wind farm off the Scottish coast.
Oil companies have been the richest companies in the world for more than a century. Can they transition to dominate the next century's fuel source too?
Hybrid vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt were front and center at Boston's auto show.
Consumers should expect to see more and more electric vehicles soon. But with falling gas prices and plunging stock prices, who is going to buy them?
Flint's water tower
Lead mining, smelting and other exposures kill an estimated 143,000 people per year.
Greenland's Sermilik fjord is choked with huge icebergs from one of the island's biggest glaciers. But climate researchers working in the fjord and on the Helheim glacier are looking for tiny clues in hopes of getting a better handle on how cliamte change
Scientists working in Greenland are looking for tiny clues to help fill in the big picture about the fate of the island's giant ice pack. They're using cutting edge technology to track minute changes that could help predict what a warmer future might hold for Greenland and the rest of the world.
Dark rock above the Helheim glacier in southeastern Greenland marks its former level, before a sudden and dramatic retreat of hit many Greenland glaciers a decade ago. Scientists working on the Helheim and the fjord it drains into are looking for clues to
About a decade ago, several of Greenland's biggest glaciers suddenly began melting. A decade later, two groups of scientists are trying to unlock the secrets behind a scientific mystery story with potentially big consequences for the future of the island's rapidly-melting ice sheet.
Anemone coronaria flowers in Shokeda forest, Israel.
This is prime wildflower blooming season in Israel. But not so long ago, the country's wildflowers were under threat of extinction because people were picking way too many of them. Then, a PSA campaign was launched that got Israelis to stop picking flowers in order to preserve them.
More than 30,000 people traveled to the UN's COP21 climate summit in Paris last month from aroudn the world. The UN set up a website where attendees could offset the carbon footprint of their travel.
The UN set up a system for people attending last month's landmark climate summit in Paris to offset the carbon footprint of their travel to the meeting.
Common murre swimming
Scientists say a warm Pacific Ocean could be pushing seabird prey to cooler areas, or killing the fish off. And that's hurting Alaskan birds as well.
Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller poses next to an Electro-Golf police vehicle during a tour of the VW factory in Wolfsburg, Germany in October.`
VW head Matthias Mueller is expected to propose a fix Wednesday to a fleet of diesel cars that have been cheating emissions tests.