Haze in China symbolizes air pollution issues
Usually a parade of global figures lining up at the UN to sign a document is pretty much just for show — a lot of words and gestures for questionable real-world impact. But this signing ceremony for the new Paris climate agreement could be something different.
VW sign at a dealership
Gaming emissions testing systems is common in Europe, arguably less so in the US.
Illegal gold mine camp in Peru
Gangs in Peru and Colombia move from exporting illegal drugs to illegal gold.
Glacier in Antarctica
The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is the size of Europe and a mile thick. And it's melting faster than we thought, with big effects on the level of the world's seas.
For cities along Florida's Atlantic coast, flooding from high tides has already become a reality. Fort Lauderdale, Fla., September 2015.
For local leaders in South Florida, battling rising tides and climate change isn't a partisan issue.
Does oil production cause misery?
Is oil exporting a curse? Not necessarily, but there is something about oil that is very dangerous to a producing country's people, says an academic with a new book on the subject.
People in a tree
Genetic data from more than 1,000 newly sequenced microorganisms show bacteria make up most of the genetic diversity of life on Earth.
From trash to haute cuisine--the ingredients of these servings of white bean and lentil salad with oranges and mint had been headed to the dumpster at a wholesale market before they were slavaged by the staff of Paris' Freegan Pony restaurant.
Researchers figure that roughly a third of all the food we produce is never eaten. In Paris, a new restaurant is taking a small slice out of all that waste by salvaging discarded food from a local market, cooking it up into fine cuisine, and serving it on a "pay-what-you-can" basis to a clientele that includes some of the city's neediest residents.
Protesters with the group Lifeline Antarctica traveled to the edge of the world in February. Protesters with the group Lifeline Antarctica traveled to the edge of the world in February, 2016. Protesters with the group Lifeline Antarctica traveled to the e
The Antarctic krill, tiny shrimplike crustaceans, are a key part of the ocean’s food chain for whales, penguins and seals. Increasingly, krill have also become part of the human food chain — krill oil, with omega-3 fatty acids, is advertised as a wonder drug that may help combat heart health, high cholesterol and even improve our moods.
Buildings shrouded in smog in Mexico City
New restrictions have reduced the number of cars on the road, but that might not make much of a difference.