A couple sits in a park next to a mural of Venezuela's late President Hugo Chavez in Caracas on March 9, 2014.
Shortages of basic goods such as milk, rice, corn and diapers have been a problem for years in the South American country. Now sex and health are at risk.
An Anopheles stephensi mosquito obtains a blood meal from a human host through its pointed proboscis in this undated handout photo obtained by Reuters November 23, 2015.
Zika virus is a distant relative to yellow fever. It's native to Uganda and was mostly considered harmless. That is, until it came to Brazil, where it's being blamed for babies being born with unusually small brains. And now, paralysis.
A demonstration on Monday outside of Parliament in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Supporters of the Movement of Freedom of Liberty for the Haitian Brotherhood was protesting what it calls foreign interference and ‘occupation.’
It's six years since a massive earthquake devastated Haiti. Americans poured out their hearts to help. But it seems that after the clean-up and rescue mission, much of the development assistance has been wasted.
Christella Saintime sits with her 6-week-old baby, several feet from the Dominican Republic. She fled to Haiti when she was 5 months pregnant.
Many Haitian migrants fled the Dominican Republic under threat of violence. But some continue to commute back across the border because they can't make a living in Haiti.
Migrant children board a bus outside the Notre Dame de Lourdes School in Anse-a-Pitres, Haiti, to return to their shelters after morning classes.
Thousands of Haitians who lived and worked in the Dominican Republic have fled across the border under threat of deportation or violence. Many are taking shelter in makeshift camps. At one school near the border, teachers are struggling to teach the children of these uprooted migrants along with the rest of their student population.
Health workers rest outside a quarantine zone at a Red Cross facility in the town of Koidu, Kono district in Eastern Sierra Leone December 19, 2014. Sierra Leone, neighbouring Guinea and Liberia was at the heart of the world's worst recorded outbreak of E
After two years of grappling with a deadly disease, Guineans are celebrating. The World Health Organization has announced that the country is free of Ebola virus transmission.
Pills in a hand
A new trade agreement makes it harder for poorer countries to buy cheaper generic medications.
AP tells the dirty story behind seafood sold in America: Slaves may have peeled your shrimp.
A lot of the peeled shrimp we eat here in America comes from Thailand. And much of it is the product of slave labor, according to reporting by the Associated Press.
Every day for the last few months, around 800 refugees have been showing up outside this administration building in Berlin, hoping to advance their cases as asylum seekers. But the staff inside the Office of Health and Social Affairs can only see 300-400
Angela Merkel has rallied the German public to welcome refugees, saying "We can do this!" But the city of Berlin is struggling to cope with nearly 50,000 newcomers who've arrived in the capital in recent months.
Newly arrived migrants are cleared by German police officers after crossing the Austrian-German border from Achleiten, Austria, into the city of Passau, Germany on October 29, 2015.
German cops from the national police force have become the first-responders to the ongoing refugee crisis. But the role they’re playing has more to do with customs and humanitarian aid than it does law enforcement.