Visually impaired student
A group of researchers have announced positive results from a phase III trial for a gene therapy that can be used to treat a congenital form of blindness.
Bogotá has taken a number of design steps to slow cars down and keep them separate from pedestrians and cyclists.
Some 90 percent of traffic fatalities are occurring in low and middle income countries, and those numbers are on the rise. Bogotá is bucking that trend, but city leaders say there's still far to go.
What a handmade salmon colored ribbon once symbolized, is now a near universal pink explosion of commercial products and commercialized events.
Tunisian fishermen try on life jackets offered by MSF at the end of the training. The fishermen say in general they lack the equipment to cope with boatloads of migrants and refugees in distress.
Tunisian fishermen near the border with Libya are learning to be a safety net of sorts for migrants and refugees on the Mediterranean
A relief worker walks among refugees in Lesbos
The refugees washing ashore on Greek islands continue to present a logistical nightmare for humanitarian groups. And many of the smaller relief groups find volunteers who are themselves former refugees to greet and care for the migrants when they arrive.
For years, Suleman Diara picked mandarins in southern Italy for $0.05 a case. But one day, Diara, a refugee from Mali, received documents granting him asylum in his new country. So he bought a few buckets of milk that changed his life. Meet the founder of Barikama, the first African yogurt cooperative in Italy, popular with the farmer's market scene in Rome.
Four years after a forced eviction from ancestral land, the father of 9 year old Revan Pragustiawan says his son is traumatized and afraid to meet people.
Everything changed for Revan Pragustiawan one morning when a World Bank-backed company pulled up in heavy vehicles and order everyone to leave. The family and everyone else in their hamlet fled while their homes were flattened by bulldozers. What is the World Bank doing?
India solar power
Many initiatives intend to make India’s urban poor benefit from the solar power boom.
Workers react in hospital strike by airstrike in Afghanistan
The humanitarian group whose hospital was hit in a deadly US airstrike in Afghanistan is calling for an investigation. One expert questions whether it's too soon for a "war crime" accusation.
Syrian children play during a Questscope informal education class in Damascus.
Roy Moussalli works in one of the most dangerous places in Syria, but still finds reason to be optimistic about his country's future.