Police detain environmental activist Evgenia Chirikova during an opposition rally in Moscow in 2012. Chirikova's efforts to save a protected forest ultimately made her a leading critic of the Russian government. Now after years of pressure from the govern
One of Russia's best-known environmental activists has joined the parade of Putin opponents who have left the country. But activist Evgenia Chirikova says she'll continue her work from across the border in Estonia.
Brazilian activists hold Snowden masks
The largest conference on cryptology and internet privacy in Latin America started on Friday. Increasing, the digital rights activists and hackers president are questioning their own government’s surveillance practices.
Hassan, the main character in "The Cow Farm," has no interest in joining the army — but feels that he doesn't have much choice.
When it comes to the Syrian war, we often hear about good versus evil. But anti-regime Syrian filmmaker Ali Sheikh Khudr found a more complicated picture when he began filming a documentary on his cousin, who later joined the Syrian Army.
Shabana Basij-Rasikh created the School of Leadership Afghanistan to help other young Afghan women improve their lives.
Shabana Basij-Rasikh always wanted to go to school, even if she and her friends had to dodge the Taliban to hold classes. Now, after studying in the US, she's back in Afghanistan helping other young women get the educations they need to improve their country.
Mohammad Jibran Nasir is a 28-year-old Pakistani lawyer turned civil rights activist.
Mohammad Jibran Nasir is a 28-year-old lawyer and civil rights activist from Pakistan. He’s touring the United States to promote his message of anti-extremism, and to raise awareness around his two social campaigns, #NeverForgetPk and #ReclaimYourMosques.
Abdirizak Bihi, who directs the Somali Education and Social Advocacy Center in Minnesota, testifies at a congressional hearing on radicalization in Washington. Bihi's nephew left Minnesota to fight with al-Shabab in 2008.
This Somali American was devastated when his teenage nephew traveled from Minneapolis to Mogadishu to join the extremists of al-Shabab. Now ISIS seems to be using the same recruiting networks to lure American teens to Syria and Iraq.
Syrian activist Karam Al Hamad at work. Hamad is currently waiting for permission to leave Turkey to travel to the US for a fellowship.
After a year in a Syrian jail being tortured by the regime's police, activist Karam Al Hamad finally escaped to Turkey. He says he'll only feel safe once he gets to escape the region and come to the US for a fellowship, but the road is proving even harder than he expected.
Celeste Oliva starred in The Nora Theatre Company's production of "Grounded."
George Brant's play, "Grounded," asks what it's like for a mother to pilot a military drone — and what it means to societies when continual surveillance becomes the norm.
A policeman stops a 'Blockupy' anti-capitalist protester near the European Central Bank building before the official opening of its new headquarters in Frankfurt.
Seeing The News — Protest Edition: UK-based journalist Elliott Goat argued at the annual SXSW Interactive conference that activists are becoming as sophisticated as professionals on Madison Avenue when it comes to branding.
Vivian Graubard talks on a bench in Austin, Texas. She's the US Digital Services advisor to the White House's Chief Technology Officer.
Vivian Graubard has an important role with some of the White House's cornerstone digital programs, and she's working to put the government's tech power to use in fighting human trafficking