A man eats food distributed as aid in rebel-held eastern Aleppo, Syria, on Nov. 6, 2016.
No one can be sure what Donald Trump will actually do when he becomes president. But his comments on the campaign trail indicate support for Russia and its policy in Syria. So analysts think it’s likely that will change the course of the war in Syria, and most immediately, lead to heavy pressure on rebel-held Aleppo.
Refugees and migrants try to warm themselves as they take a break at a gas station before abandoning their trek to the Hungarian border, in the town of Indjija, Serbia on Oct. 5.
Despite reports of closed borders in Europe, some refugees are still managing to find their way in — at a cost.
The US detonates "Mike," the first hydrogen bomb, on Nov. 1, 1952.
Whoever wins the US presidency on Nov. 8 will be tasked with managing America's increasingly tense relationship with Russia. And that means managing the future of a decades-long and complicated nuclear relationship with Russia — and with the world.
A group of Mosul exiles set up al-Ghad radio station to reach people in their city under ISIS control. The station manager says it's also helping people in the city communicate with one another.
ISIS tried to block the al-Ghad radio station from Mosul airwaves. Al-Ghad responded by jamming the frequency of ISIS's radio station.
The scene a day after a horrific suicide car bomb attack on the shopping area of Karrada, Baghdad.
One of the world's worst terror attacks this year was a bombing in Baghdad in July. More than 300 people died. It got little attention outside Iraq, but still shakes survivors in the Iraqi capital.
Fires broke out in many parts of the camp as the authorities attempted to clear it of residents.
A large number of unaccompanied minors are still sleeping in the open around the "Jungle" migrant camp near the French port of Calais, in spite of widespread fires and police efforts to clear the area.
A photo taken from a Norwegian surveillance aircraft shows the Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, in international waters off the coast of northern Norway on October 17th 2016 en route to the Mediterranean.
If you're living in Russia right now, you might think World War III is just around the corner. Forty million people recently took part in a civil defense exercise. State-controlled media is warning of possible US attacks. The military has moved missiles closer to Western Europe. So what gives?
US soldiers ride a military vehicle in al-Kherbeh village, northern Aleppo province, Syria on Oct. 24.
America is deeply involved in the Syrian conflict(s). What do the candidates plan on doing about it?
A still image taken from an ISIS video
Despite the dangers, Mosul citizens are reporting the news right under the noses of ISIS.
A police cadet injured during the attack on the Police Training Center lies in bed in a hospital in Quetta, Pakistan.
Who's to blame? Two militant groups have taken credit. Pakistan's army blames a third group. And some point fingers at the army itself, accusing security forces of fostering the very extremist groups now attacking the country.