A delivery driver wearing a mask organizes food packages outside.
With the pandemic mostly behind them now, along with a lack of data around the efficacy of Chinese vaccines, many citizens are taking the “wait-and-see” approach to getting vaccinated.
A demonstrator displays a picture of the defaced image of the commander in chief, Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing, also chairman of the State Administrative Council to protest against the military coup in Yangon, Myanmar, Feb. 17, 2021. The UN expert on human
Experts say that as the US rejoins the UN Human Rights Council, it should hold allies — and itself — accountable for human rights violations. 
A dark volcano with smoke rising out of it surrounded by a body of water.
Critical State, our foreign policy newsletter, takes a deep dive into how local communities are handling COVID-19 in places like the Pacific island archipelago nation of Vanuatu.
Houthi fighters hold images of relatives killed in violent conflict
Houthi militias have renewed their military campaign to take over Marib, Yemen. Nadwa al-Dawsari, a scholar at the Middle East Institute, tells The World what’s at stake with this new push to take control of Marib.
Lebanon’s security forces used French-made rubber bullets, tear gas canisters and other anti-riot equipment to crush protests, according to an Amnesty International report.
A person paints a sign that says "I can't breathe" on a wall with a purple background.
“His name will be remembered not just as a failure of US foreign policy, but to remind people that it's not just him," says Mohammad Soltan, founder of the Freedom Initiative.
Demonstrators gather
The generals, most of whom are ethnically Burmese, have immense power but little public support. Their coup has enraged much of the population, from the mountains to the sea.
Leandra Silveira’s family was relocated from their ancestral home on the northeast coast of Brazil to Pepital agrovila, a government-built village, when she was a young mother of three.
As part of a 2019 agreement with the US, Brazil is looking to expand its space base, but it could mean evicting hundreds of Black families from their ancestral lands.
People walk wearing face masks and shields over a bridge near a mall
Critical State, our weekly foreign policy fix, takes a deep dive into new research that looks at the challenges of public health communication in areas of civil conflict, with a focus on the Philippines.
A large group of refugees walk through an Afghanistan-Iran border point.
For years, Afghans have moved to Iran and Pakistan to escape conflict, insecurity and lack of economic opportunities. Since last March, the pandemic, economic woes and deportations have forced many back to home.