Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, shakes hands with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, left, during their joint news conference following Russian-Turkish talks in the Black sea resort of Sochi, Russia, on October 22, 2019.
Turkey will create a 20-mile "safe zone" at its border with Syria, but Kurdish-led fighters have to leave the area.
A woman in a headscarf looks at the camera as she puts a baby in a stroller
After eight years of welcoming people fleeing Syria’s civil war, the Turkish public is beginning to turn against Syrian refugees. But if the Turkish president does deport Syrian refugees, he won’t be sending them to a “safe zone,” as promised. These extremely vulnerable people would be deported into the lines of combat in this contested, oil-rich zone.
Most of the protests across various cities in Spain’s northeast region of Catalonia have been relatively calm, with people of all ages attending, including families with small children and dogs wearing pro-independence bandanas. But at night, as protests led by student organizations take over, the mood changes.
A demonstrator flashes a V sign during an anti-government protest in downtown Beirut, Lebanon October 21, 2019.
A political science professor said it's all about staying organized and maintaining control over the message.
A mother and daughter sit together on a couch. They are both part of the Saturday Mothers group.
On Saturdays 24 years ago, Kurdish women would gather in Istanbul's Galatasaray Square, a popular pedestrian shopping area, to demand the whereabouts of their sons, fathers and husbands. Today, they continue to meet, and while many of the founding mothers are growing frail, their daughters are taking the reins. Some men have joined the movement as well.
Portrait of foreign correspondent and author Sam Dagher.
Throughout Syria's war, President Bashar al-Assad has managed to stay in power through "ruthless desire to rule and perpetuate the reign of this family," says Sam Dagher, foreign correspondent and author of a new book on the Assad family.
A man behind a desk with the American flag on it
American diplomats are too often inexperienced political appointees — an issue for both Republican and Democratic administrations, former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul tells The World.
Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren stand behind podiums
Counterterrorism officials agree that Trump’s withdrawal from Syria has increased the risk of ISIS attacks inside the US. The question is how soon they could happen.
A man with no legs sits in a wheelchair in his living room
Nearly 200,000 people in Colombia live with a disability as a result of a half-century of civil war. As Colombia now struggles to secure a lasting peace, the country’s vast mountains, rocky and unpaved roads and spanning pasturelands pose some of the biggest threats to people who must navigate rough terrains in wheelchairs.
ISIS watchers say the pullout of American troops from northeast Syria is a gift to the group.