Ken Kraus receives a medal in front of an airplane
Many Americans remember the Iranian Revolution in 1979 for the storming of the US embassy and the hostage crisis that followed. That, however, was not the first time the embassy in Tehran was breached by protesters. The first time was on Valentine's Day in 1979. Marco Werman speaks with Ken Kraus, a sergeant in the Marine detachment protecting the embassy that day, about what he witnessed.
Demonstrators wave Turkish and East Turkestan flags as they shout slogans during a protest against China, in Istanbul, Turkey November 6, 2018.
Turkey ended several years of conspicuous silence on China's massive incarceration campaign of Uighurs and other Muslims in Xinjiang. Some hope it's a tipping point for other Muslim nations to finally weigh in.
A hand holds a smart phone.
There's a diplomatic elephant on the Korean peninsula: President Donald Trump’s trade war with China is doling blows to South Korea’s already-struggling economy — and that’s pretty much the opposite of what “allies” are supposed to do.
Macron hugs Merkel.
With political turmoil in Europe, political gestures of commitment go a long way. Last month, Europe’s two largest countries, Germany and France, promised closer foreign affairs and defense cooperation in what's known as the Treaty of Aachen. But is this a good match?
In this illustration, a man is seen sweeping thought bubbles underneath a rug
Since Viktor Orbán returned to power in 2010, the media in Hungary has been consolidated by the government and friends of the government. Independent voices that remain are struggling to fund their journalism.
A strip of closed offices and empty sidewalk with a single woman waiting for offices to open.
The government of Zimbabwe shut down the internet last month to quell dissent. But the move cost the nation $5.7 million per day and set Zimbabwe's growing "technopreneur" business back during the blackout.
A man in combat fatigues is captured in a YouTube video screen grab
David Eubank — and his wife and three children — and the Free Burma Rangers have been helping those fleeing ISIS as the group loses ground in Syria.
A large face made out of a razor wire blocks a man holding a suitcase in this illustration.
Viktor Orbán rose to power on an anti-migrant platform and has severely limited refugee resettlement in the country. But for refugees who have made it and for the NGOs helping migrants, today's Hungary is an uncomfortable place.
Photo of a bald Uighur man wearing an army-green jacket.
Uighurs in China risk detention if they try to communicate with relatives living abroad, leaving their families to wonder if they are alive or dead.
A woman holds a pamphlet in front of a blue door.
In 2005, India declared leprosy was no longer a public health concern. A decade after achieving this "elimination" status, India accounted for 60 percent of the global total of new leprosy cases.