Fire licks up a palm tree at night
Leaders at the upcoming G7 summit want to talk about Brazil's fires and deforestation policy. It's the first time the environmental policies of one country are seen as a threat to other countries, says a Sâo Paulo professor.
Close up of a white man in front of a star emblem
Russian President Vladimir Putin will not be at the table this weekend when leaders of G7 countries meet in France. But US President Donald Trump says Russia should rejoin the group. Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul says that stance makes Trump "look weak."
Wreckage smolders with black smoke after an apparent airstrike
The United Nations is warning of a new humanitarian crisis as airstrikes intensity in Idlib, Syria.
Promoter Eddie Hearn announces Clash on the Dunes, a boxing rematch in Saudi Arabia between heavyweights Andy Ruiz, Jr and Anthony Joshua.
Two boxers, $100 million and the murder of a journalist have become talking points around an upcoming heavyweight prize fight in Saudi Arabia.
With 1,812 women murdered between January and July this year — about 10 a day — Mexico is Latin America’s second-most dangerous country for women, after Brazil, according to the United Nations. More than 200 Mexican women have been kidnapped so far in 2019.
Mother plays with toddler
For decades, China’s one-child policy limited women to one child. In 2016, China introduced the two-child policy and now, older mothers are racing against their biological clocks to have another baby — with high emotional stakes.  
A man in a suit with his hands gesturing
What has the US been doing about the conflict in Ukraine for the last five years?
Demonstrators hold placards and attend a rally outside the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan, in Belgium, October 5, 2016.
A Hazara community member reflects on Saturday's ISIS attack that left 63 dead, as Afghanistan marks a subdued, 100th years of independence from Britain.
People gather for a vigil to remember victims of the mass shootings at Dayton and El Paso and hold placards that read, "We can end gun violence," in Brooklyn, New York.
Programs designed to prevent the spread of extremism predominantly target Muslims, an activist says.
A protester throws a tear gas cartridge against a dark, blue background
Protesters organize via forums and apps while demanding something that many 19th-century era demonstrators wanted: universal suffrage.