A man sits on a fishing boat stranded on the bed of dried-up lake in Thiruninravur, India, June 29, 2019.
People living on the outskirts of Chennai, India, are blocking roads and laying siege to tanker lorries because they fear their water reserves are being sacrificed so city dwellers, businesses and luxury hotels don't run out.
People shout slogans and hold the Sudanese flag as they march on the streets demanding the ruling military hand over to civilians during a demonstration in Khartoum, Sudan June 30, 2019.
Dallia Abdel-Moniem is an activist who participated in the weekend's protests. She spoke to The World's Marco Werman on how protesters recovered after June 3 — and the message they wanted to send by raising their voices again. 
Protesters stand outside court with sign that reads "Every person counts"
Given the weak justification for the citizenship question, rubber-stamping it without further inquiry could well have been a stain on the Supreme Court's legitimacy.
Cameras and people surround Joshua Wong as he speaks to the media.
In Hong Kong, protesters are prepared to take to the streets on July 1, the day of Hong Kong's handover from the UK to China, to protest a controversial bill that would allow extradition from Hong Kong to mainland China. Joshua Wong is one of the leaders of the protest movement, and he spoke to The World's host, Marco Werman, about his experience advocating for Hong Kong's people.
A camera man films two rappers battling.
Rap is now mainstream in Russia. The sound is everywhere: in clubs, on the radio and in stores. But despite a culture of speaking out on issues in the West, why do many rappers in Russia avoid talking about the country’s big problems?
Marco Werman walks across Red Square in Moscow. Behind him is the iconic St. Basil's Cathedral.
Marco Werman visited Russia for the first time earlier this year. In Moscow, he saw the careful editing of Soviet history and the rise of Western commercialism.
South Korea's Moon Jae-in holds an umbrella over his head
Donald Trump and Moon Jae-in meet Sunday in a summit that could have huge consequences for President Moon.
A grandmother wearing a blue shirt, stands to the left of her daughter wearing a red dress who is standing next to her son.
On June 30, Greece will revoke cash cards, apartments and other support for asylum-seekers who have been granted refugee status, leaving some refugees desperate to find work and wondering how they'll manage.
A decapitated religious statue
From disputed burial grounds to a church attack, religious intolerance is on the rise in Yogyakarta, a region once known for its pluralism.
Close-up photos of Irineo Mujica, left, and Cristobal Sanchez at news conferences after their release in Tapachula, Mexico.
Mexico faces pressure to stop migrants from reaching the US, especially since Trump's tariff threat. Now, it's cracking down on those who help migrants.