Screen grab showing Virtual Syria street being designed.
Few journalists, let alone readers, can get into Syria to do reporting on one of the world's most important wars. But what if they could step foot into the towns and villages of a war zone from thousands of miles away? We may soon find out.
The sign outside the headquarters of the US Army's new Cyber School at Fort Gordon, Georgia. The school is part of the Army's creation of a new cyberwarfare branch.
Modern war isn't always fought on a physical battlefield, and the US Army is making new moves to try and keep hackers and cyber attacks away from its computers. Yet some of these vital battles are being fought by young men and women who are new to the field themselves.
@ShamiWitness account no longer exists on Twitter.
An investigation by the British Channel 4 News reveals the identity of the man behind one of the most prolific ISIS Twitter accounts. The man, known only as Mehdi, is a businessman living in Bangalore, India.
The drone operator.
"Taylor" trained as a drone sensor operator for six months, learning how to blow up things — and people — across the world with million-dollar equipment. But even though she got to go home every night, a decade of long-distance war has still taken its toll.
Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan gives an address in Little Rock, Arkansas Luncheon to celebrate the bicentennial of the Mexican Independence Wars and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution in 2010.
It's no surprise that Twitter is changing the way we communicate with each other — but it's also changing the way we communicate with our government. Meet Arturo Sarukhan, a former ambassador from Mexico and a pioneer in the world of digital diplomacy.
The Digital Diplomat
Kosovo can't get recognition from the United Nations, so it's gone for digital recognition from the likes of Facebook and Google. But while it's mostly been a success, some Kosovars aren't sure that digital legitimacy amounts to much.
Getting your country recognized by the United Nations is an important step for global recognition. But it may be a bigger deal when Facebook acknowledges statehood. That's just what happened for Kosovo. Now when you tag your friends in a photo at a posh bar in Pristina, you can list Kosovo as the location.
Men look at wall graffiti depicting a American drone along a street in Sana'a, Yemen, on November 9, 2013.
Farea al-Muslimi says American drone strikes aren't just driving Yemenis away from the United States, they're also damaging their relationship with the very sky that feeds their crops and families in peacetime.
A US Army soldier from the 1st Infantry Division stationed in Tikrit closes the entrance of the dentention center at Forward Operating Base Danger on September 8, 2004.
The world now officially knows that CIA interrogators tortured and abused prisoners, but what about the men and women who did the job for the military and other parts of the government? One former Army interrogator says torture was never on the table.
The Leaker - Edward Snowden
Arnas Fedaravičius is a 23-year-old actor who plays "James Snow," a character on a Russian spy mini-series who seems suspiciously like former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. So what's it's like to be Snowden, right down to the glasses?