The remains of a destroyed church in the town of Qaraqosh, south of Mosul, Iraq, on April 13.
Their churches, their altars, hymn books and pews have been desecrated. But as Iraqi Christians resettle into Qaraqosh, they must face Sunni neighbors who they fear may have welcomed the ISIS extremists.
Riot police pass demonstrators during an anti-corruption protest
Opponents of Vladimir Putin have tapped into young Russians' shifting media habits, turning to social media channels to disseminate their message.
Fatik Al-Rodaini of Mona Relief, partnering with IOM - UN Migration Agency in Yemen, distributing hygiene kits and blankets to displaced families in Sanaa, December 2016
There's a cruel irony this Ramadan. Yemenis who have lived with hunger for months are struggling to put together celebratory meals for the end of each day's 15-hour fast. This is how local and international NGOs are helping the neediest.
An encryption message is seen on the WhatsApp application on an iPhone.
Yellow dots are hidden on pages you print and geotagged information is encoded in every photo you take. Everything you do online leaves a trail of virtual breadcrumbs.
Khuram Butt was born in Pakistan but raised in London
Khuram Butt was born in Pakistan and raised in London. He's one of three people suspected in the most recent terrorist attack.
Egypt journalists protests
Observers say it's a sign of President Sisi's weakening support. But Egyptian journalists are feeling more at risk than ever.
Abu al-Fadl (left) defused roughly 3,500 mines in al-Bab before he was killed by an explosive device on May 8, 2017.
Abu al-Fadl devoted the final months of his life to clearing al-Bab, Syria, of improvised explosives left behind by ISIS in everything from washing machines to cooking pots. The 60-year-old destroyed roughly 3,500 mines before one took his life.
People are seen inside Iran's parliament during an attack in central Tehran
If ISIS did carry out Wednesday's attacks in the Iranian capital, it would come as no surprise to William McCants, author of "The ISIS Apocalypse."
People leave London Bridge area with their hands up after the attack.
Why one man chose not to mark himself as "safe" on Facebook during the attack in London.
Armed officers attend to an incident near London Bridge in London, Britain, June 4, 2017.
The Guardian and London Evening Standard columnist Simon Jenkins says the media is giving the terrorists too much publicity.