a submarine surfaces with bird flying overhead
A Cold War-Era “no comment” policy resurfaces in the trial of Catholic activists.
The motorcade of U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo enters the Saudi Royal Court in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Thirty-seven men were beheaded last week in Saudi Arabia. Most of them were from the country’s minority Shia community.
Smoke rises after an air strike during fighting between members of the Syrian Democratic Forces and Islamic State militants in Raqqa, Syria,
A new Pentagon report counts only a fraction of the civilian casualties confirmed by NGOs, according to numbers reported by Amnesty International and Airwars.
A message has been spray painted onto a stone monument.
Kate Nash knows what Lyra McKee's family is going through. She has been waiting almost 50 years to see the man she believes responsible for her brother’s 1972 killing in Londonderry convicted. She also knows that day may never come.
Somali man wears blue shirt and brown wrap with cream cap and holds a cane.
Farhan Warfaa was just 17 when he was detained and tortured by a former Somali army chief. Decades later, he finally gets his day in court — in the United States, just as the Supreme Court begins to close the door on cases like these.
Crowds holding candles and rosaries pray in the week following the Easter Sunday suicide bombings in Sri Lanka. 
One week after the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka, authorities warn that extremists may be planning more attacks, while religious sites are starting to rebuild from the destruction.
A group of young Haitians are shown sitting around a table in a room without glass in the windows.
Leaders are accused of embezzling well over a billion dollars earmarked for social and development projects in Haiti, fueling protests that shut down the country.
A man walks by a large banner that reads "Muslims condemn the senseless killings of innocent Christians at worship in their churches and celebrating Easter Sunday. There's no place in Islam for extremists."
Authorities in Sri Lanka urged people to pray at home instead of in mosques and stationed guards outside those that remained open.
protesters carry blue and red signs saying 'defend our sovereignty'
Between Chinese expansion and US “freedom to navigate” missions in the South China Sea, security and sovereignty is a growing concern for the Philippines.
Afro Colombian man wearing glasses and green jacket stands in front of a wall
Nearly three years on, Colombia's fragile peace process is faltering as armed gangs and drug cartels continue to grip the country.