A traffic light reading "Free HK" across the red and yellow lights.
Protests against an extradition bill in Hong Kong have become a self-described “revolution” inside the largest authoritarian nation on earth. But how much more dissent will Beijing tolerate?
A woman in a red pheran stands holding an image of a woman in a red pheran
British Kashmiri writer Sumaya Teli is using the pheran, a traditional piece of Kashmiri clothing, to bring awareness to the situation in Kashmir. 
A man feeds paper into a machine
At the suggestion of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, many anti-Putin voters decided to vote for anyone other than a candidate from Vladimir Putin's party — even candidates that voters might otherwise find distasteful — in Russia's municipal elections.
Former rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia play football at a camp
Since the FARC rebels announced they would be willing to take up arms again against the government, violence against political hopefuls is on the rise.
Protesters gather with colorful signs
The proposed map could potentially speed up the development of — and radically transform — popular natural landscapes and historically protected urban architecture. It was rolled out in the midst of an unprecedented political uprising, which might have doomed the proposal to obscurity. Instead, it struck a nerve.
napalm girl
Every day, Facebook has to make difficult and consequential decisions about what should stay or go on its platform. Now, it's turning to outsiders for help.
A Kashmiri woman walks on a deserted road in Srinagar.
New Delhi has eased some of the curbs, although no prominent detainees have been freed and mobile and internet connections remain suspended.
Three young men sit closely together and look at a cell phone
Mohamudul Hasson and Tobarik Huson, both Rohingya from Myanmar, met in Malaysia after taking arduous journeys to escape persecution and stagnation as stateless Muslim minorities. Neither Myanmar nor neighboring Bangladesh recognizes them as citizens.
A protestor casts his shadow at a police barricade outside the government headquarters during a general strike in Hong Kong, China.
Hong Kong leader says she would quit if she could and fears her ability to resolve the crisis is now "very limited."
A man wearing a white robe delivers a speech and uses his hand to emphasize a point
Moon pledged peace with North Korea by 2045, but his timeline left some skeptical. South Korea hasn’t even been able to convince North Korea to accept rice donations ahead of a looming famine.