The monument to “Iron Felix” Dzerzhinsky, the founder and patron saint of the Soviet secret police.
As debates in the US rage over the removal of Confederate and other monuments that celebrate a racist past, some in Russia have been thinking hard about how people there confront their own history. 
Participants take part in a Pride run during the ShanghaiPRIDE festival
Organizers did not offer an explanation for the sudden cancelation and indefinite hiatus, but co-founder Charlene Liu cited "safety" concerns for all involved.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, with a white suit and black flat-top hair style, speaks at a conference table.
Pyongyang has closed its borders, preventing aid groups from entering the country. Now, the regime’s ability to effectively respond to the disaster could be curtailed due to the absence of such organizations.   
People walk past a Wechat Pay sign at the Tencent company headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China, Aug. 7, 2020.
WeChat, a wildly popular app in China and among the Chinese diaspora, could soon become unavailable in the US, after President Donald Trump signed an executive order targeting the app over security concerns. 
A demonstrator holds a sign as people gather outside the European Union institutions to rally in solidarity with Poland's LGBT community, in Brussels, Aug. 19, 2020.
Poland is considered the worst country in the European Union in terms of gay rights.
A hand holds a smartphone with Wikileaks webpage logo
Mark Warner, vice chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, discusses the latest intelligence report and its clear warnings for 2020 US elections.
President of Mozambique Filipe Nyusi wears a suit behind a military officer in uniform.
Mozambique’s Minister of Defense Jaime Neto said the attackers had attacked the village from the inside, killing civilians and damaging the nearby port.
A person wears a mask on an assembly line at a factory
Cameron Johnson is a businessman and management consultant in Shanghai, but ever since the pandemic started, his life has been taken over by the high demand for personal protective equipment (PPE).
Four white men in suits sit on a panel with a green background
This week, Critical State digs into new research about legislative oversight when it comes to security issues. As historian Peter Roady writes in a new article in the Journal of Policy History, the National Security Agency has escaped congressional oversight with two words: "It's classified."
Audrey Tang, the Taiwan government's digital minister, in the Executive Yuan building, Taiwan, on November 8, 2017.
Taiwan has kept its COVID-19 numbers low compared to other countries: It has seen fewer than 500 cases and seven deaths. Much of that success has been attributed to Taiwan's approach to technology, led by the government's digital minister Audrey Tang.