Trump meets with Jinping in China
The US and China once again exchanged fire in their escalating trade war. Tariffs have been the main source of ammunition thus far, but China has other weapons it could begin to deploy.
Lawrence Alatrash, 25, a non-binary gay Syrian refugee, shows a photo of himself on his mobile phone dressed up in a green tutu for last year's gay pride parade in downtown Athens, Greece.  
Lawrence Alatrash fled his homeland in 2012, not only because of the developing Syrian civil war but also because of safety concerns due to his sexual orientation and gender identity. Now, at 25, he has the freedom to openly express his true self for the first time. 
man looking out a broken window, surrounded by rubble
The Russian-Turkish agreement to designate a demilitarized zone may have averted an imminent attack on Idlib but many of the Syrians who live there, like Mohammad Hmeidan and his family, are still waiting for a more permanent solution to their displacement.
a poster in North Korea calling for the US to withdraw its military from the south
After three days of talks between the leaders of North and South Korea, spirits are high and promises are many. And South Korean leader Kim Jong-un wants another direct meeting with President Donald Trump.
This bright red New York City tour bus carries a message about the war being fought in Yemen.
World leaders in New York City for the UN General Assembly will have a hard time avoiding a message calling for an end to the war in Yemen. It's on billboards and kiosks, and it's rolling around the city on buses.
Congolese artist Bob Elvis
Even though President Joseph Kabila has decided not to run in the upcoming elections, his government is still cracking down on opposition activists. Now, it has extended to artists and musicians.
samuel berhe
Samuel Berhe, like many other Eritreans, fled the country some years ago to escape mandatory national service, which the government made indefinite following the 1998-2000 border war with Ethiopia. The war cost the countries an estimated 100,000 lives, while conscription created a generation of Eritrean refugees.
an african migrant scales a razor-wire topped fence in Ceuta, Spain
The changes come as migrants’ pathways across the Mediterranean evolve to make Spain the busiest gateway into Europe.
A mortar flies out of a tube
New York Times journalist and former Marine infantry officer C.J. Chivers shows the realities of war through the lens of six combatants.
Pashtun women in Pakistan hold posters of their missing family members
Pashtuns are an ethnic minority group composed largely of about 30 million people in Pakistan. They have also gone missing by the thousands.