Saudi teen
An 18-year-old Saudi woman is using social media to alert the world to her situation: As she was attempting to flee what she said was an abusive family, Thai officials stopped her while she was en route to Australia. She's now holed up in the Bangkok airport, but the world is watching, thanks to her Twitter account.
A man sits on a couch in his living room.
As hundreds of Islamic militants return from fallen ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq, France faces the daunting task of tackling the potential for radicalization in prisons.
Trump and Putin shake hands.
North Korea, Russia, Ukraine and Myanmar are all countries that led to questions of global security.
Venezuela President Maduro in blue suit holds his hands out and speaks at news conference.
In Venezuela, the new "Fatherland Card" was introduced as a way to streamline the state-administered distribution of food. But many fear it may be part of a biometric ID system that could determine which citizens have access to basic services based on their political allegiances.
A group of men wearing yellow and green jerseys pose for a team photo.
Four years ago, Alejandro Benítez, a former professional soccer player, decided to help a group of immigrant friends who played pickup soccer in an open field. He had the idea of creating a professional team that would work as an experiment for migrant integration. That’s how Alma de África, “soul of Africa,” was born.
women stand in a row, chanting and clapping their hands
With US help, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces have captured large parts of northern and eastern Syria from ISIS, but warn that the jihadists still pose a threat even if President Donald Trump has declared their defeat.
Two hands hold a beige booklet.
In the nuclear arms race against the US, the former Soviet Union performed more than 450 nuclear tests in an area known as the Semipalatinsk Test Site — also known as the Polygon — from 1949 to 1989. Winds blew the nuclear fallout and radioactive dust into neighboring villages, affecting anywhere between 500,000 to 1 million people.
A line of people sit on a panel in front of a large crowd. Behind them, the backdrop says "Russia calling!"
New documents show gala invites, a charismatic CEO and high-powered lobbyists burnished the image of VTB, a state-owned Russian bank.
The keyboard of a computer is pictured at a computer shop, Oct. 19, 2017.
British intelligence officials have asked a Washington, DC-based researcher to shut down his site, an archive of extremist material, yet it's still operational. The news has, once again, brought up the debate about online regulation versus freedom of access to information.
The white gated entrance to the Am'ari camp.
“The abolition [of UNRWA] means erasing the existence of the refugee issue. We say to them that we insist on the existence of the agency as long as the issue of refugees is not resolved," says Taha al-Biss, leader of the al-Amari refugee camp in the West Bank.