A protester holds up a sign in Arabic writing.
Hundreds of thousands of Algerians have been protesting against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s bid for a fifth term.
Donald Trump sits and holds up a signed proclamation while flanked by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jared Kushner
Article 24 of the UN Charter says states should not use force to change borders, but that's exactly what happened in Golan Heights and it's why the rest of the world hasn't recognized Israel's annexation of the territory.
Lydie Maninchedda's daughter Julie is shown in a black and white portrait photograph of her when she was a child.
Dozens of French children are stranded in Syria as the battle against ISIS winds down. Many are under the age of seven. Will fear prevent these children from returning to France?
US President Donald Trump walks toward steps leading to an airplane
The Mueller probe is over and investigators said there was no collusion. What does this mean for US-Russian relations now? A former ambassador says he's worried.
Thai elections
Imagine if, in the US, the House of Representatives was elected, but the Senate was entirely chosen by the Pentagon. That crudely approximates what Thailand’s junta has created.
These Palestinian vegans struggle against Israeli occupation in the West Bank through animal rights and food activism.
Two young women hold Sudanese flag posters.
Sudan's uprising has inspired a new generation of Sudanese American youth to get politically engaged with their motherland for the first time. Many of their parents migrated to the US years ago to flee the rule of Omar al-Bashir — and protesters are now demanding he step aside.
Bolsonaro smiles and puts his hand out
The firebrand’s clean politics pledge has been disproved out of the gate.
Man in uniform stands between two civilians with gesture of calm.
Tensions between Brazil and Venezuela intensified last month after violent clashes broke out on the border over a botched humanitarian aid delivery plan. While tensions have subsided and the possibility of armed conflict has been ruled out, relations remain strained. 
Two diplomats stand in front of a sign that reads ban nuclear weapons
The United Nations’ Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons — also known as the Ban treaty —  could become the first new major legal move toward disarmament in more than 20 years.