A man stands somberly in front of a wall of small portraits of soldiers
The impeachment inquiry has put American support for Ukraine into question. But the US is still very active in supporting training missions for Ukraine's military as it fights a hot war against Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine.
A woman stands next to a monument to a border guard with a dog, with buildings of Chinese border city Heihe seen in the background across the Amur River, in Blagoveshchensk, in Amur region, Russia, on December 1, 2019.
The project reflects Moscow’s attempts to pivot to the East to try to mitigate pain from Western financial sanctions imposed over its 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea.
This composite shows Uighur activist Ferkat Jawdat in front of the White House in Washington, March 28, 2019. His mother Minaiwaier Tuersun is pictured on the right shortly before she was detained in Xinjiang, China, in early 2018.
One Uighur American activist says a House bill focused on human rights will bring hope to people like his mother, who was detained in China for 15 months.
Doctors operate under a dim light in a clinic.
The “superbug” bacteria often strike at much higher rates in the Middle East, according to Doctors Without Borders. The bacteria attack invisibly and without warning in the mangled limbs, bullet holes and other wounds of civilians and fighters in war zones.
A woman speaks at a podium with a man behind her
US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron underlined sharp discord among NATO members ahead of the alliance's 70th anniversary celebrations. But despite the clashes, UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations Karen Pierce says NATO is here to stay.
Iranians walk past a burned and destroyed bank.
In the aftermath of protests in Iran, authorities acknowledged that protesters were shot dead. Marco Werman speaks with the deputy director at the Center for Human Rights in Iran, Omid Memarian, about the situation in the country.
A student leans over a candle at a memorial with lots of photos and paintings
Dilan Cruz’s death made him a martyr in the eyes of many Colombians, reigniting mass protests just as they began to fade. But his death has also been used to politicize the moment as President Ivan Duque attempts to quell the weeks-long protests. 
Mid-shot of two men in suits walking.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which dates back to 1949, is celebrating its 70th anniversary as leaders gather in London this week. But French President Emmanuel Macron recently warned that NATO was "experiencing brain death." The World speaks with ambassadors Gerard Araud and Ivo Daalder about Macron's comments and the future of the alliance.
TikTok blamed the removal of the video on a “human moderation error.” But the ordeal has reignited concerns that the Chinese-owned, short video app is censoring US-generated content to appease Beijing.
The Chinese Communist Party, or CCP, isn’t just keen to see members of the Trump administration squirm. The impeachment drama presents a golden opportunity to portray the United States as a nation tearing itself apart — while China, so the narrative goes, is a bastion of harmony and stability. But what might the Chinese politburo say about Trump’s impeachment inquiry behind closed doors?