People stand in voting booth casting ballots
Security experts say election infrastructure in the US could be vulnerable to the types of hacking operations that took place in the lead-up to the 2016 election.
Demonstrators and tuk-tuk drivers are seen on a bridge during ongoing anti-government protests, in Baghdad, Iraq, on Nov. 4, 2019.
Since October, hundreds of young protesters have taken to the streets in Baghdad, as well as a few other cities in Iraq. They are asking for an overhaul of the government and accusing ruling elites of corruption and being out of touch with the public.
Belonging to China, but gifted with a more liberal legal system, Hong Kong is in the throes of a self-proclaimed “revolution.” Its adherents say they are simply fighting for basic rights such as free speech and fair elections.
a man in a suit walks with people standing by
Transcripts of more than 350 pages each from House interviews with US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland and the Trump Administration's special envoy to Ukraine, Kurt Volker were made public, as was new testimony from Sondland included "refreshed" recollections.
A man wears a blue shirt and glasses in an office
The law includes sweeping changes that narrow the criteria for eligibility for refugee status and introduces several stringent provisions that, if not strictly followed, would render one’s asylum’s application void. This is the latest in a series of measures taken by the government to crack down on asylum-seekers.
A four-piece punk band is shown playing to a crowd and bathed in red lights.
Exilio was formed by three Venezuelan migrants who came together in Bogotá, Colombia, after leaving their friends and family behind to seek a new start. The crisis in Venezuela has produced a new wave of angry youth expressing their rage through heavy guitar riffs and howling vocals.
line of asylum-seekers
The lawsuit concerns a “safe-third country” agreement that the US and Canada signed shortly after 9/11, in 2002.
Soldiers gather outside around a military vehicle.
Zhao Seng, a citizen of Myanmar, traveled halfway around the world to work as a medic and videographer with a humanitarian group in northern Syria. David Eubank of the Free Burma Rangers talks with host Marco Werman about Sang's death, what motivated him to work in front-line humanitarian aid, and the fighting that continues to rage in the border region.
Men in military uniforms hold weapons and are walking into smoke inside building.
A new Human Rights Watch report describes CIA-trained Afghan forces of committing serious abuses — some considered war crimes. The CIA said it has a "robust system of oversight."
People walk with a banner that reads: "Great Russia, Free internet".
A law known as the "sovereign internet" bill came into force in Russia. It aims to tighten state control over the the internet, which free speech activists say will strengthen government oversight of the country's cyberspace.