American student Lara Alqasem, 22, appears at the district court in Tel Aviv, Israel October 11, 2018. She wants to study at Hebrew University. But Israeli authorities are questioning her politics.
University of Florida graduate Lara Alqasem applied and got accepted to a master's program at Hebrew University. But Israeli authorities say her political past disqualifies her.
Human rights activists and friends of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi hold his pictures during a protest outside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey October 8, 2018.
Jordanian journalist Salameh Nematt has faith his friend Jamal Khashoggi is still alive, despite reports he was killed inside a Saudi consulate in Turkey.
a man holds a protest sign in Lisbon
As political chaos grows across the Atlantic, Brazilian migrants in Portugal are mobilizing in protest.
Brazil's President Michel Temer with "FAKE" spelled out behind his head
This election, the work of fact-checking organizations is being amplified by a new partner: Facebook. It is part of the social media giant’s push to assure users it is taking misinformation campaigns in elections seriously. In September, Facebook announced it was dedicating its own “War Room” in Menlo Park to preventing election interference in Brazil — one of its five biggest markets.
Takuya Yokota in Tokyo in November 2017. He continues to speak out about North Korea's abduction of his sister in 1977.
Last year at the UN General Assembly, Donald Trump brought up the issue of the Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea. This year, he praised North Korea's leader for his courage.
This is a 2016 photo of the guided-missile destroyer USS Decatur operating in the South China Sea. The ship was involved in a near collision early this week with a Chinese warship, according to the US military.
There’s a high stakes game of chicken going on in the South China Sea, and neither the US nor China is showing any sign of backing down.
an unmarked border between Ireland and Northern Ireland
Political and economic uncertainty over Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is making people on the Irish border fear for the island’s fragile peace
flags of the US and China
Some think that Asia is on the cusp of a new cold war. If it were to happen, it would mean the rivalry that has been growing is transformed into overt militarized competition that drags the region into its vortex.
the facebook logo
From Syria to Myanmar and beyond, many of today’s most intractable and brutal conflicts are being documented by everyday internet users equipped with smartphones. But even though they’re documenting vital evidence that could one day help convict perpetrators of atrocities, their footage and photos are at risk from the very platforms that host them.
a bowl of Naengmyeon, cold noodles that originates from North Korea
North and South Korean leaders dined on a bowl of buckwheat noodles submerged in a chilly, savory broth during their meeting in Pyongyang. Korean restaurant owners say there's been a resurgence of interest in the soup.