Central American migrants stand in line before entering a temporary shelter, after illegally crossing the border between Mexico and the U.S., in Deming, New Mexico, on May 16, 2019.
Lawyers in the US and Mexico say the decision to temporarily allow a new Trump administration asylum ban to go into effect could overwhelm Mexico's asylum system and encourage asylum seekers to take more covert routes into the US.
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Omer Azizi spent much of the past year developing an app that he calls Safar, meaning “journey” in both Farsi and Arabic, to solve the information gap that exists for refugees worldwide. It came out of an assignment in a unique class he took last year from the engineering school at USC.
Construction of the border could begin as early as October over Arizona's last free-flowing river, the San Pedro. But a host of groups think a wall or a fence is problematic.
A woman in a hijab smiles and poses with three boys ranging in age
Through an on-campus initiative, a university community is preserving Greensboro's long-standing hospitality to refugees.
The Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy of separating kids from parents ended in June of 2018, after massive outrage. But Andrea and her sisters are among more than 950 kids the ACLU now claims were taken from parents after that date.
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A new academic year is kicking off around the world, but for some American teens, the end of summer brings a close to a different school experience — learning their immigration history and family language in heritage summer schools. 
A woman drags a suitcase in the foreground. In the background, a police officer and three men dragging suitcases.
The Trudeau government has started taking some steps to curb irregular migration into Canada. But whether a treaty-setting asylum policy with the US will be negotiated remains a question.
Former dairy farm worker sues
For undocumented workers, the consequences of demanding better work conditions can be high — and include risking deportation.
Students walk on the Temple University Campus
Iranian students studying in the US are feeling the effects of escalating tensions between the two countries — from difficulties paying tuition or rent to the inability to focus on their studies
A persons hands hand onto the metal of the border wall
The Trump administration is challenging the Flores Agreement, which limited detention of migrant children to 20 days, with a new rule. A laywer who has defended Flores says the new rule "lacks any aspect of humanitarianism."