A man holds a phone with a picture of his granddaughter.
US officials say a 7-year-old’s death is an example of risks migrants take when crossing the US border. But the girl died in US custody.
A room full of mostly elderly Asian residents of San Francisco's sit in a large room as they attend a talk on protecting themselves from immigration enforcement.
Immigration attorney Kevin Chun Hoi Lo, who grew up in San Francisco's Chinatown, helped stop 30 Cambodians from being deported from the US last year. Months later, many were deported anyway.
Syrian refugees look at the camera as they stand in front of their homes at Azraq refugee camp
Under the Trump administration, America is closing its doors to refugees. US refugee caps have been steadily slashed from 110,000 per year under the Obama administration to 30,000 next year. That would be the lowest number of refugees admitted since 1980.
People sitting in chairs at a clinic
Immigrant parents are pulling their children from health and nutrition programs because they're afraid that participating in them could prevent them from getting their green cards.
A young man is standing in front of a studio microphone
In an increasingly uncertain time for DACA recipients, Jin Kyu Park hopes his scholarship win shows other undocumented students that change is possible.
A sunset with the silhouette of a mosque and man approaching
Through war and Islamophobia, a generation thought they might have lost their histories and faith in Eastern Europe. But, unexpectedly, they found it again.
man hugging woman pastor in front of tall altar
A Pakistani family has been in the US for 18 years, including regular check-ins with immigration enforcement. Then, in 2018, an ICE officer told them they should buy plane tickets home. Now, they're in sanctuary in a Connecticut church while they fight to stay in the country.
Nate Terani
Nate Terani has committed to raising awareness about Muslims in the military: “It’s fundamentally important that either Muslims or immigrants from any other group don't feel that they are alienated or isolated right now because of the rhetoric that is coming from certain politicians."
US Army soldiers install razor wire
The first wave of US troops arrived along the US-Mexico border recently, stringing razor wire atop existing border walls and fences. But people in Mexico and the US are worried about the message being sent.
Two women stand at podium, sign reads, "Wisconsin Proud"
For those who want to change how immigration works in the US, the midterm elections were a call to action.