Filipinos comprise the second largest group of Asian immigrants in the United States, second only to the Chinese. Yet, despite their numbers, Filipino-Americans haven't achieved much success in the halls of political power.
U.S. deportations have reached record-breaking levels. Boston College Law Professor Daniel Kanstroom believes the deportations are ineffective and that America's immigration policy needs comprehensive reform to avoid hurting legal U.S. citizens and residents.
Artist and nanny Ramiro Gomez paints life size cardboard cut-outs of housekeepers, landscapers and gardeners to pay homage to the hidden workers behind LA’s wealthiest neighborhoods.
Shera Bechard, a Playmate and actress, has made headlines for obtaining an O-1 work visa allowing her to come to the US from her native Canada.
Julio Salgado is one of 800,000 undocumented immigrants whose parents brought them to the United States as children, and are under 30. Salgado, a college graduate, has created a series of videos and art that highlight the situations that people like him often face.
Luis, a Mexican-born high school junior in Los Angeles, is one of the more than a million undocumented young people growing up in the US today. He narrates his own tale as part of a new story-telling project called Sonic Trace.
Sales of American craft beer are exploding in Europe, up 52 percent last year according to the trade group the Brewers Association. The biggest sales are coming from Sweden and the UK.
The Supreme Court struck down three of four provisions in the controversial Arizona immigration law Monday in a 5-3 decision. But what it left was what Arizona State Rep. John Kavanagh called the law's "heart and soul."
The US Supreme Court has backed checks on the immigration status of people stopped or arrested in Arizona, while striking down key parts of a tough law critics branded as racial profiling.
In Orlando, Fla., on Thursday, Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney reached out to Latino voters in an effort to win over their support, especially in crucial swing states. Romney, for the first time, signaled his willingness to confer legal status on illegal immigrants who came to the country at a young age and earn a college degree.