Dedicated students not allowed to enroll in state universities in Georgia can take advantage of free classes at Freedom University. Immigration policies vary nationwide, but in Georgia undocumented immigrants aren’t allowed to attend the state's five most selective public universities.
An Iraqi-American named Shakir Hamoodi used to run a gourmet food market in Missouri. Now he's in a federal prison. He's charged with sending money to his relatives in Iraq in the 90s, violating US sanctions. His family is now petitioning President Obama.
The US Army is reviving a program that offers immigrants with certain language skills a fast track to US citizenship. Many of the slots, including all those for Korean speakers, have already been filled.
Ibrahima Diallo moved from Senegal to New York in 2003. Since then he's made a career as New York City tour guide. But, like everyone, Diallo has a personal map of the city too, and he gave The World's Alex Gallafent a tour.
There's a lack of information regarding undocumented immigrants convicted of serious crimes. And with the ongoing deportation battle and inability to keep convicted immigrants incarcerated, potential solutions are discussed.
Some Muslim immigrants in the US struggle with alcohol problems and it is hard for them to find culturally sensitive programs to deal with it.
One month after Sandy, anchor Marco Werman travels to Coney Island to hear how the genetic code for American pizza runs through there on its way back to Naples and the old country.
Mexico's president-elect says he wants to refocus the US-Mexico relationship on trade, rather than security.
A growing number of young people from Mexico and Central America are entering the US without documentation and without parents.
Massachusetts becomes the latest state to tell undocumented immigrants meeting certain criteria that they will be eligible for in-state tuition under the same guidelines as documented Massachusetts residents.