Demographers say the state could be majority Latino in less than 20 years, and some conservatives are hoping to woo Latinos over to their side.
The Partnership for a New American Economy, a group of bipartisan mayors from across the country, released a report Tuesday that showed immigrants in the United States with degrees increase job opportunities for native citizens. However, current policy in the United States can make it difficult for foreign-born workers to establish themselves in the American workforce.
President Barack Obama's announcement that he supported same-sex marriage has mobilized Latino voters. A largely Roman Catholic group, Latino Americans actually support same-sex marriage in slightly higher numbers than the average American.
Some Catholic priests are trying to protect the migrants from central and south America by setting up shelters along the way.
Marco Werman talks with Gac Filipaj, an immigrant from the former Yugoslavia who moved to the US, learned English, and has earned a bachelor's degree in Classics from Columbia University while working full-time there as a janitor.
A Hmong woman performs a ceremony
California's Central Valley is home to thousands of Hmong refugees from Laos who often rely upon traditional shamans for their medical care.
The World's Adeline Sire was born in France, and she plans to vote in this weekend's French presidential election. She has a snapshot of going to the polls in Massachusetts for the first round election two weeks ago.
This just may be a "perfect storm," in terms of the number of high-profile, contentious cases set to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court this year, in the months before the U.S. presidential election. With immigration, affirmative action, and, of course, the healthcare law, the Supreme Court will be front-and-center on important campaign issues.
The Supreme Court heard arguments around the Arizona anti illegal-immigration law SB 1070 on Wednesday. The hearing comes amid new statistics showing a dramatic decrease in Mexican migration to the US, and reports of immigrants leaving Arizona.
The US Supreme Court is considering a highly politically charged case to weigh the legality of Arizona's SB1070.