The demand for translating data into multiple languages is growing fast. Computer language translations are helping, but instead of making human translators redundant, they're increasing the need for them.
Dan Matthews is a California-based rapper. He was adopted from Korea when he was 8 months old. But he was curious about his birth parents. So he wrote a letter to his adoption agency. He never thought he'd get a response.
A new magazine aims to provide a voice for adult adoptees around the country. Many of the magazine's contributors are from Minnesota, a state with a rich history of international adoption. Minnesota Public Radio's Laura Yuen reports.
Coach Matt Cheaves stands with members of the Dalton High School soccer team in Dalton, Ga.
El Nuevo South. That's how some refer to the recent influx of Latinos to places like South Carolina, Arkansas, and Georgia. The changing demographic has sparked racial tensions. But the city of Dalton, in northwest Georgia, has a different story.
Some immigrants living in the shadows have gone to Washington, D.C. to lobby directly for immigration reform. We meet a janitor who made the trek to D.C. along with other members of his union. He's originally from Mexico and now lives in Pittsburgh.
Construction of hundreds of miles of proposed new fence on the US-Mexico border would be exempt from environmental regulations under the new immigration law pending in Congress.
From a distance, in Los Angeles, Mexicans with indigenous roots are keeping their traditions and languages alive.
In mid July, a group of nine young people presented themselves at the U.S.-Mexican border and asked for admission to the country. They'd all been here previously but left voluntarily for one reason or another. When that didn't work, they asked for asylum. Now they're in detention while others debate the merits of their tactics.
As Congress considers immigration reform, there are questions about the rising number of undocumented immigrants held in detention centers. Critics say we should consider alternatives, especially for immigrants who haven't committed violent crimes.