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Border officials denied military veteran Roman Sabal entry to the US for a scheduled citizenship interview Monday. Sabal is one of seven deported veterans with pending citizenship cases.
The proposed changes, set to become official on Tuesday, represent the latest effort by the Trump administration to crack down on immigration, the signature issue that helped propel Trump to the White House in the 2016 election and one already figuring prominently in the 2020 campaign.
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To Trump critics, immigration raids and squalid holding cells at the US southern border characterize his hard-line stance on immigration. But how do his policies compare to past US presidents? 
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There could be immigration raids in 10 US cities, according to news reports. At a south Minneapolis high school, the principal has worked to make sure her students are ready if the raids come.
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The term "concentration camps" has been used to describe migrant detention centers on the southern border under the Trump administration — and not without controversy. But the term has particularly affected some Latinx Jews.
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The US Justice Department recently announced their intention to continue to add the citizenship question to the 2020 US census. This move caused concern among critics and activists who fear this will discourage undocumented immigrants from filling out the census. Greisa Martinez, with the immigration rights group United We Dream, spoke to Marco Werman about the controversy.
Protesters stand outside court with sign that reads "Every person counts"
Given the weak justification for the citizenship question, rubber-stamping it without further inquiry could well have been a stain on the Supreme Court's legitimacy.
A sign that says "Count Me In" with the US Supreme Court building in the background
The ruling makes it harder for the federal government to get a citizenship question on the 2020 census. But advocates say that the possibility of the question sowed so much fear within immigrant communities that the damage may have already been done.
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A searing image of a man and his daughter facedown in the Rio Grande is a heartbreaking example of the dangers migrants can face on the journey to the US. The picture echoes one of a Syrian boy from 2015.
A group of protesters stand in a line holding signs protesting family separation and incarceration of migrants
Minority groups united at a weekend protest at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where the US government plans to hold 1,400 migrant children. For the protesters, Fort Sill is a reminder of Native Americans and Japanese Americans who were held there in the past.