A preacher stands at the front of a mostly full church
When a Columbus, Ohio church heard The World’s story on the Netherlands congregation's efforts to shelter an Armenian family facing deportation, it sounded familiar. After all, the Columbus church was sheltering an undocumented Mexican immigrant, too. So, the pastor from Ohio flew to The Hague to help.
A man is being handed a flier that says "Listen up Arabs" and describes the Census 2010 process.
The question would have required respondents to answer whether they and everyone in their household is a US citizen. The ruling has been appealed. There’s a small chance it could still end up on the census if the Trump administration can convince the Supreme Court to step in on its behalf. That would all need to happen by the June deadline for finalizing questions so the questionnaires can go to print.
A woman riding a wave
Black female surfers say they often have to battle aggression and isolation while out in the water. One group from Northern California hopes to change that by helping more black female surfers compete professionally.
A black woman stands with a staff.
As Virginia marks 400 years since the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in the English colonies, it confronts the problem of silenced voices in history.
People sit on the steps outside Los Angeles immigration court, which has been closed since Dec. 22 due to a partial government shutdown over funding for a southern border wall.
Nearly 43,000 cases are estimated to have been canceled nationwide. California has seen the most cancellations — about 9,000 — followed by New York with more than 5,100. And immigrants who've waited years for their court date will now have to wait even longer.
A couple is backlit against a stark stone fort interior.
This year marks 400 years since the first Africans were taken from Africa and sold as slaves in the English colonies. It was the largest migration in history: 12 million or more Africans forcibly moved to places across the Atlantic Ocean to be slaves. Today, all of those places are still dealing with the fallout.
A headshot of Bay Area teen Crista Ramos, who is suing the federal government. She wears a red shirt, has long dark hair, and looks directly into the camera.
14-year-old Crista Ramos has become the face of a landmark legal challenge on behalf of 300,000 immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan who could face deportation under the Trump administration's plans to end their Temporary Protected Status designations.
A headshot of former Mexican ambassador to the US Arturo Sarukhan as he speaks about Trump, Trudeau, and Nieto regarding NAFTA Negotiations at the law firm Dentons' NAFTA 2.0 Summit on October 11, 2017 in Washington, DC.  
Though the US president has used Mexico as a "political-electoral piñata," cooperation is in both countries' best interest — and it's been working for years, says former Mexican ambassador to the US Arturo Sarukhán.
Three women rest against a fence with their children in their laps
Donald Trump is made a case for a border wall during a Tuesday night address to the nation. A wall won't fix the problem, experts say, which is that the US immigration system isn't prepared for the types of immigrants — kids and families — currently coming into the country.
President Trump speaks at a podium while 3 bald men stand behind him.
President Donald Trump said Thursday that border agents had “apprehended, last year, 17,000 criminals trying to get across the border.” But that’s only partially true.