Izcan Ordaz, an 18-year-old high school graduate in Fort Worth, Texas, will vote in his first US presidential election this November.
Back in April, Izcan Ordaz’s biggest concerns were getting through the coronavirus pandemic, the state of the US economy and finishing high school virtually. Now, the issue of racial justice is also top of mind.
Madai Zamora, a former DACA recipient, now lives with her husband in San Luis Potosí in central Mexico.
A small but growing global community of people who once had DACA are giving up on a country that has struggled to pass comprehensive immigration reform for a generation. They're moving abroad instead.
The Supreme Court building
The ruling says immigrants denied asylum under streamlined proceedings, cannot contest that decision in court.
A young woman on a laptop screen
Nearly 90% of colleges expect international enrollment to decrease next semester due to the pandemic.
Two men are shown wearing protective medical gear and carrying various supplies while walking outside of Holtel Filtro.
The guests at Hotel Flamingo in Ciudad Juárez aren't tourists on vacation — they're people who tried to cross into the US but, for a variety of reasons, have been sent back to this border city and need a safe place to stay.
Michelle Aguilar Ramirez stands for a portrait on Monday, May 18, 2020, in South Seattle, Wash.
And as the pandemic hit this spring, Michelle Aguilar Ramirez, a young Latina in South Seattle, lost her interest in politics. But the Black Lives Matter protests have reignited her commitment. 
DACA supporters hold up banner in front of Supreme Court
Thursday’s much-anticipated ruling ended a yearslong legal battle around how the Trump administration ended the program and provides some relief to the approximately 650,000 DACA recipients in the country.
US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents look at women and children
The proposal includes a number of changes that would make it more difficult for applicants to gain asylum in the US — including changing which applicants would get asylum hearings in the first place.
Leticia Arcila, a 20-year-old voter in Atlanta, Georgia, said health care is her top priority in a presidential candidate.
Leticia Arcila, a 20-year-old first-generation Mexican American living in Atlanta, was eager to cast her vote for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Georgia primary. When the coronavirus hit, the primary was delayed — and Sanders dropped out of the race.
Terrence Floyd visits the site near where his brother George was taken in Minneapolis police custody and later died, in Minneapolis, June 1, 2020.
One Somali American in Minneapolis organized a prayer gathering online to process it together.