man hugging woman pastor in front of tall altar
A Pakistani family has been in the US for 18 years, including regular check-ins with immigration enforcement. Then, in 2018, an ICE officer told them they should buy plane tickets home. Now, they're in sanctuary in a Connecticut church while they fight to stay in the country.
Nate Terani
Nate Terani has committed to raising awareness about Muslims in the military: “It’s fundamentally important that either Muslims or immigrants from any other group don't feel that they are alienated or isolated right now because of the rhetoric that is coming from certain politicians."
US Army soldiers install razor wire
The first wave of US troops arrived along the US-Mexico border recently, stringing razor wire atop existing border walls and fences. But people in Mexico and the US are worried about the message being sent.
Two women stand at podium, sign reads, "Wisconsin Proud"
For those who want to change how immigration works in the US, the midterm elections were a call to action.
A logo of Jollibee company
Jollibee trades in Pinoy pride and nostalgia. Can it also capture the curiosity — and taste buds — of non-Filipino Americans?
Several people including a man wearing a purple suit, look on at the stone monument for Martin Luther King, Jr.
With midterm elections underway, there’s an international spotlight on a few key races that seem to exemplify divisions between Americans, and across the world. One of those races is for governor of Georgia. There’s a lot the world can learn from the city where Martin Luther King Jr. was born.
Woman sits on sofa, smiles for camera
Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar is poised to become the first Somali American woman to hold national office.
A woman in a hijab speaks into a microphone as dawn breaks in the clouds. An American flag waves in the distance.
Amid growing anti-immigration rhetoric, more immigrants and refugees are running for public office in Minnesota, and nationwide.
Jose Antonio Vargas speaks in front of a black background with white lettering
In a new book, the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer talks about how his story of being undocumented was 'too complicated' for activists.
Safiya Wazir is shown walking with a green clipboard in the streets of Concord, New Hampshire campaigning in a race for the New Hampshire House of Representatives.
Eleven years after arriving in New Hampshire, Safiya Wazir — a former refugee from Afghanistan — is showing other new Americans they can run for office, too.