Illustration of young woman sitting in car, arms folded in despondent pose, while older man is driving, with prayer beads hanging from rearview mirror and Buddha figurine on dash
Aye Aye Dun says her parents told her to ignore what was happening to Rohingya in Myanmar. So she got organized.
Young girl, shown from behind, with arms outstreched, in room in home
A US government court settlement leaves one mother, separated from her daughter and then deported in 2017, wondering whether the US will do anything to help her reunite with the daughter it took from her at the US border.
People stand in auditorium-like room in front of folding table with a clipboard on it, surrounding a woman, in support
Will Latino candidates bring out more Democratic voters in Arizona? The answer might depend on how Latinos feel about the border.
Children play in a dirt yard between two huts.
Despite everything that happened, and even though he would like to remain with his family intact in Guatemala, her father sees no hope. He still wants to go to the US.
man in front of Harvard University sign looks at phone
Most Asian Americans support affirmative action, but some are wondering: Will it hurt my chances of getting into a top university?
pamhplets, T-shirt with man's face on table
On the congressional campaign for the 50th District in California, incumbent Duncan Hunter was indicted for corruption. Then he went on the attack.
Hadi Jasim was an Iraqi translator for the US military. Now he's a "global guide" at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia.
Refugees from Syria and Iraq help visitors at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology make connections between history and the present day.
A solider with a rifle watches while men carrying suitcases line up next to a train.
During World War II, the US forcibly relocated and detained thousands of Japanese Latin Americans, but left them without legal entry documents. Today, their fight for redress and recognition continues.
a nicarguan migrant woman and her daughter in mexico
With political violence a daily threat at home, Nicaraguans are fleeing to Costa Rica and, increasingly, the US.
Man wearing glasses and dark suit stands in front of White House sign, US flag to the left
The federal government is resolute that it will end a program that gives spouses of H-1B visa holders authorization to work. They just haven't said when.