Vladimir Putin


Putin makes Assad an offer he can't refuse

The embattled Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad, appeared in Moscow on Tuesday night, for his first trip outside of his country since the uprising against him began in 2011. It’s a sign of his dependence on Russian military assistance. And it seems Vladimir Putin summoned Assad to get a sense of how flexible he is on his role in any political settlement or transition in Syria. Syria's secular elite shares a deep comfort level with the arrival of Russian forces.


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What drives Vladimir Putin?

Vladimir Putin is the central figure in the Ukraine crisis. But what really drives the Russian president? Journalist Adi Ignatius has some ideas. He met Putin when Time Magazine named the Russian leader "Person of the Year" in 2007.


Don't worry, FIFA — Putin has your back

FIFA has come under intense pressure from countries and sponsors over a huge bribery scandal. But Russian President Vladimir Putin, no stranger to allegations of corruption, is standing up for the organizations and its reeling president.