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Campaign chants

Faith and Fair Game news analyst Jason Mantzoukas take a look at the various chants being used by the presidential campaigns to buoy their candidates.

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Puerto Rico primary

Fair Game news analyst Ritch Duncan examines what impact the Democratic Primary in Puerto Rico could have on the Presidential nomination.

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Duffy at the Shay Shack

Fair Game wanted to get an on the ground perspective from Puerto Rico on this. Faith speaks to a man that goes by the single name Duffy. He runs the Shay Shack on Vieques.

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Ryan Lizza

Ryan Lizza, a political reporter for New Yorker magazine, talks to Faith about some of the issues contributing to the uncertainty surrounding who will be the Democratic nominee for the 2008 Presidential race.



Faith talks to Greg Papanicolas, a defensive football coach at Sports International, about how you can stop the momentum of an opponent.

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Faith and Fair Game news analyst Johnathan McClain deconstruct Senator Obama's promise to broadcast major Oval Office policy meetings on C-Span if he's elected President.

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Doug Schoen

Pollster Doug Schoen talks about his new book "Declaring Independence: The Beginning of the End of the Two-Party System," and the likelihood of a third party presidential run by New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

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Obama plagiarism

Barack Obama may a little bit of a copycat. We'll play you clips of Obama from last weekend, along with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, from 2006. See if you can tell who's who.

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Making fun of Obama

Faith and news analyst Brian Donovan try to figure out why it is so hard to make fun of Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama.