US elections

Business, Economics and Jobs

Ben Olken

Faith talks to Harvard economist Ben Olken about whether political leaders really have the power to save a faltering economy, as presidential hopefuls like to promise on the campaign trail.

Global Politics

Town hall politics

Faith shares her thoughts on the recent proposal from Senator John McCain's campaign that he and likely Democratic nominee Barack Obama should engage in joint "town hall" debates.

Global Politics

Taiwan's view of US election

The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports on how people in Taiwan view the U.S. presidential election, as many Taiwanese base their judgment on the current candidates on how past Republican or Democratic presidents have dealt with Taiwan.

Global Politics

Obama in Germany

Senator Barack Obama met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin today on the first stop on the European leg of Obama's foreign tour aimed at bolstering the presidential candidate's foreign policy credentials;

Conflict & Justice

New voters in Colorado

The Obama and McCain campaigns are both targeting immigrants from Latin America. Kirk Siegler of public radio station KUNC in Denver tells us Latinos in Colorado are getting a lot of attention this week.