US elections

Global Politics

Campaign chants

Faith and Fair Game news analyst Jason Mantzoukas take a look at the various chants being used by the presidential campaigns to buoy their candidates.

Global Politics

Jennifer Hudson debate

Brian Donovan debates actor-singer Jennifer Hudson, star of the movie "Dreamgirls", on whether Hillary Clinton should give up her bid for the Democratic nomination for president.

Global Politics

Presidential eligibility

Johnathan McClain looks at a new congressional bill that will grant Senator John McCain eligibility for the presidency despite having been born on a military base outside of the United States.

Science, Tech & Environment

What Wall Street wants

The clean energy future Republicans describe in their platform will require big investments in renewable energy sources. Host Steve Curwood talks with Michael Hoffman, managing director for Riverstone Holdings LLC, about the Republicans' green pledges.

Conflict & Justice

Natural-born question

What does it mean to be a "natural-born" citizen? That's what you have to be to become US president, and it's not just an academic question, as Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from law professor Sarah Duggin.

Arts, Culture & Media

Jamming for Obama

In Jamaica, two songs have been written and recorded by Jamaican artists in support of Barack Obama's presidential run, and The World's Marco Werman has been trying to find out what Jamaica's Obama songs are all about.