Saturn shows us how a moon might be born

Scientists thought the solar system's planets all had the moons they were going to have — but Peggy challenges that very notion. Peggy appears to be a new moon for Saturn, emerging from the rocky debris that makes up the planet's famous rings.



Blasting NASA

Host Jeff Young speaks with former NASA engineer and editor of NASA watch dot com, Keith Cowing, about the new frontier for America's civilian space program.


China's first foray into space

China is expected to launch its first three-man space mission tomorrow. The astronauts will orbit the earth for almost three days, and one will become the first Chinese to go on a space walk.

Global Politics

China's space program

Chinese astronauts are on target to conduct the country's first spacewalk tomorrow. The nation is anxious to know how the spacewalk will go. But the country's official news agency may have already written the script. Anchor Marco Werman explains.


Are you out there?

The social-networking site Bebo beamed a digital time capsule into outer space today. Bebo users hope to connect with extra terrestrial life. The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse reports from the site of the transmission - the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine.


India's moon mission

India is preparing to launch its first lunar mission. The launch will send an unmanned research craft to orbit the moon. The BBC's Tinku Ray reports on final preparations for tomorrow's launch.


World chess competition

The title of "world chess champion" is up for grabs in Bonn, Germany. The two finalists - from India and from Russia -- are battling through a 12-game match.


Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Cygnus, The Swan. It's a constellation of stars visible in the Northern Hemisphere, and it figures in a science project aimed at mapping light pollution worldwide. Anchor Katy Clark gets details from Dennis Ward, technology specialist for the Windows to the Universe project at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) in Boulder, Colorado.


Space walk

The Space Shuttle Endeavour is currently docked at the International Space Station. Part of the mission is to conduct a number of spacewalks to repair a faulty solar panel hinge. But the astronauts have had a bit of trouble. BBC Science Correspondent David Shukman explains.