Conflict & Justice

Egyptian artifacts

Egypt's famous ancient treasures and sites were in danger as the country's police collapsed amidst massive protests calling for democracy. The tourists have begun trickling back and authorities are taking stock. The World's Ben Gilbert reports from Cairo.

Science, Tech & Environment

Satellite shoot-down

Denton Ebel, a geologist and meteorite expert with the American Museum of Natural History, and John Pike, the Director of, discuss the Navy's plan to shoot down a failed US spy satellite.

Science, Tech & Environment

The new black

Faith talks to Washington Post reporter Rick Weiss about the recent discovery of a new paper-thin material that is the blackest substance ever created.

Science, Tech & Environment

Martin Riddle

Scientist Martin Riddle talks to Faith about his recent discovery of several new kinds of giant deep sea creatures on the ocean floor off Antarctica.

Science, Tech & Environment

Neil Shubin

Faith talks to University of Chicago paleontologist Neil Shubin about his new book Inner Fish, which details the many biological traits that humans and fish have in common.

Science, Tech & Environment

Rick Weiss

Faith talks to Washington Post reporter Rick Weiss about new ways in which genes themselves are testifying in court and the future of DNA testing in the criminal justice system.