Global Scan

Caught between Russian oil and EU trade, Ukraine now hopes to get both

Ukrainian leaders seem ready to appease protesters by signing a deal with the European Union, while still maintaining close ties with Russia. But will that stop the protests? We also look at the Turkish model of Islamic democracy, and China's guidelines for the media on what to remember —and not remember — about Nelson Mandela. All that and more, in today's Global Scan.

Global Scan

US Secretary of State Kerry stops for a selfie on his climate change tour

Secretary of State John Kerry charmed Indonesian students in Jakarta over the weekend as he delivered strongly-worded messages on climate change to Asia's leading emitters of greenhouse gases. Italy works to form its third government in three years, without a new election. And German politicians sleep in their offices to save on rent, all in today's Global Scan.

Conflict & Justice

This is how Russia's intervention in Ukraine is playing in Moscow

From the start of the anti-government protests in Ukraine, Russia's mainstream media have portrayed the protesters as anti-democratic forces intent on hurting Ukraine's ethnic Russians. Some Russians are rallying behind their government's intervention in Ukraine. Others, though, have mounted small-scale protests against Russia's military actions.