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Global Politics

Elections in Britain

Campaign season officially started in Britain today. Parliamentary elections are May 6th. Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his ruling Labor Party face tough competition from David Cameron and the Conservatives. The World's Laura Lynch reports.


Global Politics

EU show of unity

European finance ministers agreed to offer more guarantees to nervous bank depositors. It was the first real show of unity since the crisis reached European shores. The World's Gerry Hadden reports.

Business, Economics and Jobs

How bad will it get?

Anchor Katy Clark talks with international economist Adam Posen of the Peterson Institute. He says a global recession is coming -- but the United States is better placed to ride it out than other countries.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Britain's bailout

Britain's government came up with its own bailout today. It approved the equivalent of a $976-billion dollar plan to rescue the crippled banking industry. The World's Laura Lynch has details from London.