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U.S. Fed bailout

Stock markets rallied today on the news that the U-S Federal Reserve and Department of the Treasury are planning to buy huge amounts of bad housing debts to help stabilize the global economy.

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How China is faring

The financial crisis engulfing US institutions is being felt around the world, including China. But China's doing better than most. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with The World's Mary Kay Magistad in Beijing.

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Central banks ante up

The World's Matthew Bell reports that the globe's leading central banks -- led by the U-S Federal Reserve -- have pumped billions of dollars into credit markets, hoping to restore confidence in the global economy.


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When Money is the Muse

As a starving writer, Katy Lederer had credit card debt and couldn't hold on to her apartment. So she took a job at a hedge fund, but she kept writing poetry on the side, often about money and our complicated lust for it. Now a full-time poet, her recent collection is Heaven-Sent Leaf. Lederer tells what modern money-making and modern verse have in common.