Commotion over Olympic tickets

The final remaining tickets for the Olympic games in Beijing went on sale today. Long waits and excessive heat led to scuffles in some areas. Anchor Marco Werman explains.


Pollution in Beijing

Host Marco Werman talks to The World's Beijing Correspondent, Mary Kay Magistad, whose view from her apartment window stretches only one block, thanks to the smog that's enveloping the city.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Martin Atock, managing director of Peden Bloodstock, the company in charge of transporting more than 200 horses from 48 countries to China's Olympic equestrian venue, Hong Kong is the venue and the answer to our Geo Quiz today.

Global Politics

China after the Olympics

Having the honor to host the 2008 Summer Olympics has been a huge source of pride and drive for the Chinese government, but in a matter of weeks, the Games will be over, and it's unclear what legacy the Olympics will leave behind, as Anne Donohue reports.


Running through China's pollution

BBC sports reporter Tom Fordyce put his own lungs on the line to sample the effects that air pollution could have on runners competing in the Beijing Olympics, and his 10-K run through the Chinese capital left him with a serious cough.