For hard-luck Haiti, a new challenge: Basketball


Soccer has long been king in Haiti. But over the last few years, a new sport has taken hold: basketball. Now, there's an ambitious push, led by an unlikely cast of characters, to build a Haitian national team that can compete on the Olympic stage.



Algae in China threatens Olympic sailing

An algae bloom off the coast of China is the latest threat to the Olympics. Authorities are scrambling to get rid of it, to allow sailing and windsurfing events to go ahead. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with The World's Mary Kay Magistad in Beijing.


India's Olympic prospects

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with sports writer Qaiser Mohammad Ali from India's "Sakaal Times" newspaper about India's traditionally poor performance at the Olympic Games.

Global Politics

What not to do at Beijing Olympics

Beijing has released a new volume of Olympic etiquette, and The BBC's China editor Shirong Chen takes a look at some of the rules, and she tells anchor Lisa Mullins that demonstrations and sit-ins are banned at next month's games, and so is streaking.


China prepares for Olympics

Explosions on two buses in the southern Chinese city of Kunming have rattled the image that China wants to present to the world in this final run-up to the Beijing Olympics


Olympic drug testing

Before the Olympics even begin there are concerns that Olympic anti-doping monitors won't be able to detect the blood-boosting drug EPO, as Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with BBC science reporter Matt McGrath.

Conflict & Justice

Olympics protest zones

Chinese Olympics authorities announced today that they're setting up special protest zones in public parks, but as The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports, protesters will still be required to sign up with Chinese authorities in advance.


China's approach to sports

In just over two weeks, Beijing hosts the Olympic Games, and The World's Mary Kay Magistad looks at how China's approach to sports and physical activity is different from that of many Western countries.