Middle East

Tensions boil as Egypt votes on new constitution

Egyptians over the weekend cast ballots in a two-part referendum on its proposed new constitution. But protests, meanwhile continue, with protesters for and against the constitution taking to the street. It's gotten to the point where business officials say its cutting into their profits.

Researchers document great damage to Syrian antiquities

While the loss of life in Syria continues to mount, there's another toll being extracted from the nation. While it's certainly less grave than the loss of life, it still represents a tragic loss to the country's, and even the world's history.

United Nations votes to accept Palestine as nonmember observer

Palestinians scored a diplomatic victory on Thursday when the United Nations General Assembly granted their request for nonmember observer status, rejecting a call from Israel and the United States to put that off until Israel and the Palestinians reach a permanent peace agreement.

West Bank Palestinians take to streets in protest of Israeli Gaza action

The Israeli action in Gaza continues and the Palestinian protests have reached the West Bank. On Tuesday, Palestinians took to the street, where they were joined by Palestinian Authority security forces — a sign the authority is concerned this attack may hurt its standing in the eyes of Palestinians.

Egypt struggling to find agreement on new constitution

Egypt's efforts to forge a new constitution have largely been stymied to date. The first version was thrown out by the courts as not reflective of the country's diversity. Now, a new assembly is trying to write a new one, but encountering resistance from Egyptians who don't like what's in this latest document.

Death toll rises in violent confrontation over Gaza Strip

The violent clash between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza strip continues, with death tolls rising as the conflict seemingly expands. For the first time since the Gulf War in 1991, rockets landed in Tel Aviv, though no one died. More than a dozen Palestinians, as well as three Israelis, weren't so fortunate.