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Translating Judy Blume

Zarife Öztürk works at a publishing house in Istanbul. A few years ago she made it her mission to translate Judy Blume's children's books into Turkish. Öztürk fell in love with Blume's books when she was 10 years old, and about to attend school in America for the first time. Produced by Michele Siegel.

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The new Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary is embarking on a complete revision, and Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Charlotte Brewer, author of "Treasure-House of the Language: The Living OED,� who explains the challenge of keeping the mammoth dictionary up-to-date.

Global Politics

Understanding Putin-isms

What does outgoing president Vladimir Putin mean when he says that "A man should teach his own wife how to make cabbage soup"? Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with translator and interpreter Michele Berdy to find out

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For hundreds of years, musicians from India and Pakistan have taken the poetry called ghazal and set it to music. The songs project such deep longing that you don't need to know Urdu to feel the pain. Produced by Rob Weisberg.