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The incredible shrinking job market

Payrolls shrunk for the sixth straight month in June as more than 60 thousand jobs disappeared. The unemployment rate stayed steady in June at 5.5 percent, the highest level in four years. The Takeaway talks to New York Times economic reporter Louis Uchitelle about what we might expect next. Guest: Louis Uchitelle, New York Times economic reporter



Amazon's harsh hours might not fly at some foreign operations

There's been a lot of water cooler discussion this week about Amazon and The New York Times' investigative piece chronicling a brutally competitive work environment at the retail giant. Amazon is based in Seattle. But it operates in 32 nations. Would those demanding conditions work in its other locations?


Why do we even have borders anymore?

With thousands of refugees seeking safety in Europe and thousands of economic migrants looking for new opportunities from Germany to the United States, is it time to tear down those borders and recognize what a changing world has done to labor markets.


What does human trafficking look like today? How do we stop it?

I've traveled from New England to New York to Thailand to Vietnam to China’s southeast border to expose human trafficking routes and venues, and to bring attention to sex and labor exploitation. The Forum at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Tuesday took a closer look at this modern slave trade and its impact on public health worldwide, including in cities and rural communities across the USA.