Islamic State


ISIS may disappear much faster than you expect

ISIS is dominating the headlines, but how much do we really know about the brutal terrorist group? How did ISIS become a major force so quickly? You may be shocked to learn that their startling rise to power may be followed by a relatively quick fall from grace.


'The Kurds have no friends but the mountains'

With Kurdish fighters in the city of Kobane trapped between ISIS attacks and Turkish indifference, anger inside Turkey is building. Nineteen Kurdish protesters were killed overnight, and it looks like Kobane may still surrender to ISIS despite US airstrikes.



A New Year's report card for ISIS

The Islamic State starts the new year under more pressure than it has faced since it erupted onto the scene in 2014. ISIS itself is losing territory, men and money. But it's still able to lash out as we've seen this weekend in Istanbul and Baghdad.