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Dennis Rodman brings his brand of basketball diplomacy back to North Korea

Dennis Rodman's controversial relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un turned another page this week. The former NBA star was in North Korea this week to select and train a North Korean basketball team that will take part in an exhibition game in honor of Kim's birthday. Plus Egyptian activists are thrown in jail and elves — yes, elves — halt a highway project in Iceland, in today's Global Scan.

Conflict & Justice

Syrian rebel forces are guilty of atrocities, too

Most of the reports of atrocities in the Syrian civil unrest have been blamed on the Syrian government forces. Now,Human Rights Watch has documented some of the worst incidents of the war - executions, indiscriminate killing and kidnappings - and says the rebel forces are the culprits.



Myanmar aid efforts

Lisa Mullins speaks with Jean-Sebastien Matte, emergency coordinator for the international aid agency "Doctors Without Borders" in Yangon, Burma, about efforts to provide emergency relief.


Foreign aid workers arrive in Burma

Foreign aid workers are starting to get into Myanmar (Burma) to help out in the cyclone-ravaged Irrawaddy Delta; Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with one of those workers, Tony Banbury of the UN's World Food Program.


Aid efforts in Myanmar

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the head of the international aid organization "Goal,� the group is still pressing the military rulers of Myanmar to lift all restrictions on foreign aid workers who can assist the survivors of Cyclone Nargis.

Conflict & Justice

Cambodia report

Rebecca Henschke reports on the Cambodia's real estate boom -- and its effect of slum dwellers who are often forced out of their homes to make way for new developments, and that's led to protests from human rights groups.