Vaccinating for cholera in Haiti

The World Health Organization will start vaccinating Haitians against cholera in April. Dr. Peter Hotez is an expert in vaccine development at George Washington University and speaks to anchor Katy Clark.

Global Politics

US army studies malaria vaccine

Malaria is a disease of the developing world, but some Americans are being infected with malaria intentionally to help medical research. Reporter Eric Niiler profiles volunteers in a US Army study of an experimental malaria vaccine.

Global Politics

Haiti one year after the quake

It's been almost a year since the earthquake that devastated much of Haiti and in many ways, the emergency is far from over. Anchor Lisa Mullins talks with The World's Jeb Sharp in Port-au-Prince.

Conflict & Justice

Himalayan mountain range

Some of the world's most dangerous mountains show up in today's Geo Quiz. So if you're an accomplished mountain climber, you probably know the name of this 34-mile stretch, or massif in the Himalayas.