Watch office workers become athletic gods

When SmugMug, a Silicon Valley photo-hosting startup, wanted some pictures for the company gym, it turned to Benjamin Von Wong. What resulted was a dramatic series that turned the company's employees into extreme athletic warriors in black and white.

Health & Medicine

November Project's Growing Fitness 'Tribe'

A grassroots fitness movement called the November Project is drawing big crowds for early morning workouts around Boston. Now this free exercise 'tribe' is expanding. The World's Andrea Crossan decided to take the challenge to join a November Project.


Arts, Culture & Media

From babes to babushkas

Russia is known for its beautiful women. Many have reached supermodel status. But there's another phenomenom in Russia: slim elegant beauties aging fairly quickly into plump babushkas. How does it happen? Reporter Jessica Golloher decided to find out.

Arts, Culture & Media

Running in Rome

Sightseers in Rome can now join a group of joggers and take in the monuments while staying fit, as Reporter Nancy Greenleese went the extra mile to bring us this story.


China's approach to sports

In just over two weeks, Beijing hosts the Olympic Games, and The World's Mary Kay Magistad looks at how China's approach to sports and physical activity is different from that of many Western countries.

Development & Education

Sports and school in China

Childhood obesity is on the rise in China so the government is trying to promote more sports in schools, but many Chinese kids are still below par when it comes to physical fitness, as The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports.

Global Politics

A chocolate tax for Scotland?

A doctor in Scotland prescribes putting a tax on chocolate. He says such a tax would remind people that it's an unhealthy snack and might help to slow the rise in obesity. Anchor Marco Werman has details.

Arts, Culture & Media

Soft food and obesity

A Harvard anthropologist says soft food is sabotaging the battle against obesity. He argues that the modern diet is too over-processed and spongy. Anchor Marco Werman gets the story from The World's science correspondent David Kohn.

Arts, Culture & Media

The causes of famine

Droughts and floods can cause food crises. But so can politics and economics. Reporter David Hecht examines the roots of the 2005 food crisis in the West African nation of Niger and why so many children starved to death despite an adequate harvest.