Human interest stories obscure the real human needs in Nepal

Days after the earthquake hit Nepal, Shrochis Karki says some rural villages have still seen few signs of help. And while he's been working from his home in England to coordinate relief efforts, he says part of the blame lies with the world's fixation on dramatic human interest stories and not real problems.


Images from Nepal show a people that are hurting

The images coming out of Nepal show a people that are hurting. There are lots of broken bones and there are babies trying to breathe inside home-made respirators. Or, there's one image of a mother trying unsuccessfully to revive her child. They are all victims of injuries sustained during the earthquake in Nepal on Saturday. Photojournalist Patrick Adams is in Nepal and describes what he is seeing.


An AirAsia jet carrying 162 people is still missing

As authorities continue to search for a missing AirAsia flight bound for Singapore, fears are growing that the aircraft is "at the bottom of the sea." Meanwhile, AirAsia’s flamboyant chief executive, Tony Fernandes, has been thrust into the international spotlight as his company confronts its first major crisis.



China to relax one-child policy

China says it will relax its one-child policy to help parents in Sichuan Province who lost children in this month's devastating earthquake; many of those killed in the May 12th quake were children


Foreign aid workers arrive in Burma

Foreign aid workers are starting to get into Myanmar (Burma) to help out in the cyclone-ravaged Irrawaddy Delta; Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with one of those workers, Tony Banbury of the UN's World Food Program.


Aid efforts in Myanmar

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the head of the international aid organization "Goal,� the group is still pressing the military rulers of Myanmar to lift all restrictions on foreign aid workers who can assist the survivors of Cyclone Nargis.


Flooding in southern China

In southern China, torrential rains and overflowing rivers have forced more than a million people there to flee their homes, and Anchor Lisa Mullins talks with The World's Mary Kay Magistad in Beijing.