Conflict & Justice

Saudi Arabia's youth problem

Most of Saudi Arabia's population is under the age of 30, and a growing number of them is frustrated with the Kingdom's tight restrictions on social freedoms, and that could pose problems for the Saudi state

Arts, Culture & Media

Global hit

The government of Liberia has commissioned a new pop song to raise awareness about the country's first census in nearly 25 years. The census gets under way today. Anchor Marco Werman has today's Global Hit.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Endless cities

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the co-editors of a book called "The Endless City;� Ricky Vurdett and Deyan Sudjic set out to document how six of the world's largest cities got to be so big.

Conflict & Justice

France wrestles with statistics

France is officially color-blind: it's against the law there to collect statistics on race, religion or ethnicity, but some critics say just because you don't ask questions, doesn't mean discrimination doesn't exist


Indonesia's vanishing rice farms

Rice paddies across Asia are being replaced by golf courses and luxury hotels and workers are leaving the fields for factory jobs, as Rebecca Henschke reports on an endangered species - the rice farmers of Indonesia.


China to relax one-child policy

China says it will relax its one-child policy to help parents in Sichuan Province who lost children in this month's devastating earthquake; many of those killed in the May 12th quake were children

Global Politics

China urbanization series: Wangwan

China's rapid urbanization is drawing hundreds of millions of people to its cities. And that's having a profound impact on those in the villages left behind. The World's Mary Kay Magistad has the third in our series on China's urbanization.