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Gaza Celebrates Ceasefire

In Gaza, news of the ceasefire deal was greeted by celebrations but just before the truce went into effect, there were more rockets fired into southern Israel. And there were more Israeli strikes hitting targets in Gaza.


Honduras standoff

Honduras' interim president said talks may begin Saturday to address the political crisis enveloping the country since the military deposed the country's sitting president two weeks ago. Anchor Jeb Sharp gets the latest from Director Jennifer McCoy.

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Green Zone handover

Today, Iraqi forces took over control of the security checkpoints into the Baghdad Green Zone. It's another step toward US withdrawal from the country. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with George Packer, author 'The Assassins' Gate: America in Iraq.'


Attack overshadows Middle East talks

Palestinian security forces have mounted an operation to catch the killers of four Israeli settlers shot on Tuesday. The killings came ahead of the first direct talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders in two years. Matthew Bell reports.