Conflict & Justice

A Libyan-American's Take on Unrest

Ahmed Almegaryaf is a Libyan-American whose uncle is an opposition leader. And Abdulla Darrat, founding member of Khalas, hopes to provide a network of information for Libyans at home and abroad. We get reactions on the current situation from both.


Lead in the Developing World

The U.S. recycles almost all car batteries, but that's not true in many developing countries. Sifting through waste to retrieve lead is a major source of income, and lead exposure, for many people in poorer countries. Living on Earth reports.


Kids Speak Out About Climate Change

From banning plastic bags to raising awareness about rising sea levels, kids are proving that they can be a powerful force in the battle against climate change. Living on Earth looks at several young leaders who are taking a stand to protect the planet.

Lifestyle & Belief

Born of War

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Charli Carpenter, an expert on the subject of children born of sexual violence in conflict zones.

Conflict & Justice

Children born of the Rwandan genocide

Thousands of Rwandan women became pregnant as a result of mass rape during the Rwandan genocide. The children born of those pregnancies are now coming into adolescence -- on the margins of Rwandan society. The World's Jeb Sharp reports.

Conflict & Justice

Controlling Iran's youth

The World's Quil Lawrence reports that many young people in Iran live in fear of the government's morality squads; violating a strict dress code, for example, can get you in trouble with the law