Conflict & Justice

Parental rights for illegal immigrants

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Marcia Zug, professor of family law at the University of South Carolina School of Law, about the issue of illegal immigrants in the US who are separated from their children because of detention and deportation.

Conflict & Justice

Haiti's restavek' children

�Restaveks'. It's an old cultural institution that nowadays often equates to child slavery. The UN estimates that 183,000 Haitian children are restaveks. Reporter Sabri Ben-Achour from WAMU visited a special school for these children.

Conflict & Justice

Polygamy case in Canada

A court in British Columbia is hearing arguments in a case that could invalidate Canada's anti-polygamy laws. Anchor Lisa Mullins gets details on the case from Daphne Bramham, a reporter with the Vancouver Sun newspaper.

Global Politics

Argentina tests stolen children

The stolen children of Argentina's 'disappeared' are now being forced to learn who they really are through DNA testing. Reporter Julia Kumari Drapkin profiles the case of one woman who initiated the DNA drive about 10 years ago.

Arts, Culture & Media

Rethinking parenting in Poland

The traditional way of raising children in Poland emphasizes strict discipline and preparing the youngsters for hardship. Dave McGuire reports on how some younger Polish parents are going for a softer, gentler approach.