This Englishman’s search for truth was about the transformation of spirit, and of gender

Over several years in the 1940s, Michael Dillon underwent a groundbreaking physical transition from female to male through a series of surgical operations. It was just one part of his remarkable story of personal transformation. But all of that was just part of this Englishman’s remarkable story of personal transformation. Michael Dillon was outed by the newspapers after he transitioned from female to male in the 1940s. Dillon's pioneering journey is a fascinating story about gender, identity and spirituality.


Lifestyle & Belief

Monks protest in Tibet

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Jigme Ngapo (NF), director of the Tibetan Service of the US-funded Radio Free Asia, about the protests in Tibet this week; Buddhist monks there have reportedly demonstrated for two days, demanding independence from China.

Conflict & Justice

Burmese monk in exile

Marco Werman speaks with U Gawsita, one of the monks who took part in last year's uprising against the government of Myanmar. 12 months later, he's living in a boarding house in Utica, New York as a political refugee.

Global Politics

Tibetan exiles gather for summit

Tibetan exiles have gathered in Dharamsala, India, the current home of the Dalai Lama. The exile Tibetan community is trying to decide how to proceed in its struggle against China over the status of Tibet.

Global Politics

Tibetan exile summit

Tibetans in exile are gathering at the home of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India this week. They're meeting to talk about failed negotiations with China to gain genuine autonomy for Tibetans.