Brazil Carnival 2014: Sambas De Enredo

It&#8217;s that time again, when the inhabitants of Brazil (and many foreign guests) collectively lose their inhibitions and devote several days to dancing, playing music, drinking and wearing as little clothing and as many feathers as possible. That&#8217;s right, we&#8217;re ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Trio Da Kali: The New Face of Mande Music from Mali

Lassana Diabate (Eyre 2014) Fans of African music everywhere know well the astounding prominence of Mande griot music in the continent’s musical pantheon. Even leaving aside all Mali’s desert blues and rich pentatonic music traditions, if we look at just ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

DJ Marfox Does A Barrel Roll into Lisbon

Over the past decade, DJ Marfox, has earned a reputation as one of the leading lights of Lisbon’s dance scene by blending the distinct sounds of the city&#8217;s fiercely independent DJ scenes to produce a potent mixture increasingly popular among ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Onyeabor Mystery Persists in New Documentary

William Onyeabor is one of the most unique Nigerian performers of the &#8217;70s and &#8217;80s and also, very likely, the most mysterious. While we covered Onyeabor in our exploration of synthesizers in Africa, the new documentary Fantastic Man, directed by ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Afropop Premiere: Nikhil P. Yerawadekar & Low Mentality- “Industry Dweebs”

We&#8217;ve been fans of  Nikhil P. Yerawadekar &#38; Low Mentality since we first featured their terrific song &#8220;Run Fast&#8221; in our Africa in America 2013 program. Filled with veterans from NYC&#8217;s Afrobeat scene, the group takes from the influences that ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Coz ov Moni Premiere: FOKN Good Time Had By All…

The U.S. premiere of the FOKN Bois film Coz ov Moni 2 (FOKN Revenge) had the feel of history in the making. For those not in the know, this duo from Ghana with a cleverly rude stage name—their “real” names ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Chronixx and Protoje release new track “Who Knows”

Young reggae revival stars and compatriots Chronixx and Protoje have just released &#8220;Who Knows,&#8221; a new collaborative track that pairs Chronixx&#8217;s heartfelt singing on the hook with Protoje&#8217;s confidently conscious rhymes on the verse. Riding the kind of subtly modernized ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Afropop Premiere: Orquestra Imperial: “Cair Na Folia”

Mais Um Discos has become one of the world&#8217;s most consistent sources for music from the Brazilian underground scene, bringing us everything from the mind-expanding &#8220;Oi! A Nova Musica Brasileira!&#8221; to the diverse and daring Daora Underground compilation and the sample-delic MPB of Lucas Santtana. ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Afropop Premiere: Habib Koite- “Balontan”

Afropop is thrilled to be premiering “Balontan,” a new track by Habib Koité, off of his new  album, Soô. Soô, which translates “Home” in English, promises to be an album that will celebrate the diversity of Koité’s Malian homeland, incorporating ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

New Machel Montano Video: “Ministry Of Road (M.O.R.)”

For centuries, two forces have been locked in a constant struggle. Like good and evil, Yin and Yang, or sky and earth, except with a tighter focus on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, the question of whether it is ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>