New report finds U.S. drone warfare is traumatizing innocent civilians

A new report by two top tier American universities reveals an additional side effect to America's drone strikes in Pakistan. According to their research, Pakistani civilians are under such emotional stress they're being driven to receive medical care and taking an "exponentially higher" amount of psychiatric drugs.

India trying home-grown solution to acute child hunger

A French creation is revolutionizing the feeding of the acutely hungry in Africa, but in India, which also has a problem with malnutrition, the food isn't welcome. So doctors there are creating their own therapeutic food -- and there's hope they'll eventually be able to export it too.

North Korea makes Paralympics debut with teenage swimmer

With more than 2.4 million tickets sold, the London Paralympics are likely to be the biggest games since Great Britain hosted the first ones 64 years ago. Fifteen nations are making their debut this year, including an unlikely appearance from North Korea.

Cambodian TV show reunites families separated by Khmer Rouge

In 1975, the Khmer Rouge took control of Cambodia and began a four-year experiment in social reordering. To destroy traditional authority, the regime split families apart. Two million Cambodians perished, but some missing loved ones were never found. Now, a Cambodian reality show is reconnecting family members.


China's stimulus package

China is trying to get its 700 million rural people to spend -- by offering them subsidies for household appliances.

China's violin-makers

China makes 70 percent of the world’s violins, and the country is nurturing a new generation of master violin-makers.

Khmer Rouge leaders on trial

In the 1970s the Khmer Rouge terrorized Cambodia -- now an internationally backed tribunal puts five officials of Pol Pot's regime on trial.